A Season For Hope (Fairhope #3) by Sara CannonA Season for Hope by Sara Cannon
Published October 2013
Series: Fairhope #3
Genres: New Adult
Format: eBook
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Being dumped just before the holidays was my worst nightmare. I’d spent so many years thinking Preston Wright was the one for me that when he told me it was over, I thought I’d rather die than face the future.

I never expected someone like Judd Kohler to come crashing into my life. Literally. He was coming out. I was going in. My face got in the way. You get the picture. It was an accident. Running into him twice in one day, though? It started to feel like fate.

My mother always says Christmas is a magical time of year. A season for hope. All I know is that just when I thought I’d lost mine, hope somehow found its way back to me.

Just in time for Christmas.

Bailey used to be who all the other girls envied – that was until her hot and wealthy boyfriend of three years, Preston Wright, dumped her. But maybe she just doesn’t deserve love, given that she was the one to make out with Preston, behind his former girlfriend’s back. Perhaps it’s just payback? And all the heartache she’s feeling and the post break-up blues are too?

That’s until she literally bumps into Judd Kohler, who is incredibly perfect, and who was watching her from afar… But will she be able to connect to someone new so soon after the breakup, and will she ever stop comparing him to Preston?

Well, what I liked about this story was definitely the guy chasing after girl part. Judd is definitely a perfect book boyfriend and he and Bailey just go super well together. The story however is actually a short story and there is not much to expect from it. It is a short and uncomplicated read with a predictable happy ending. I don’t think it will contribute much to the rest of the Fairhope Series (and I was actually disappointed not to hear more about Mason and Penny from Fairhope #2), but that doesn’t make it a bad read.

It’s short and sweet. I liked the story but it’s not mindblowing suspense either. Yet I wonder what will happen to Preston now that he broke up with Bailey – any chance for a new Fairhope book around his story? I’ll stay tuned!