About Last Night by Belle AuroraAbout Last Night by Belle Aurora
Published June 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Forbidden Romance
Format: eBook
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Matt Quinn has been an escort for most of his adult life. He's so good at his job that he's booked months in advance.
An enquiring email from a potential client finds him intrigued about the shy, awkward woman. A back and forth is started and before Quinn knows it, a friendship is formed.

Time passes and Quinn is smitten.

There's only one problem...

The client is his best friend's little sister.

She's off limits.
He knows better.

Staying away from one another is easier said than done.

Mia Bridgeton just finished college and is back in her hometown, and on the verge of starting a new job. While she’s in a huge makeover phase where her life is concerned, it only makes sense to tackle one of the biggest “issues”: finally losing her V-Card at 27. And there’s only one guy she would trust to do the job

Matt Quinn is Mia’s brother’s best friend. Even though they briefly met ages ago, she knows he’s a straight and trustworthy guy, and she also knows that he works as an escort. Why not have someone she can trust do the job? As long as it is just one night, there should be no complication at all, right?

What I loved about this book:

  • It’s a fun and lighthearted read

What I felt needed improvement:

  • The storyline was too predictable
  • Some elements will make you dislike the male character

This is not my first book by Belle Aurora, since I have read all of her Friend-Zoned books. About Last Night has the same vibe as the Friend-Zoned books: it was cute, fun and sexy. However, some things in this book annoyed me, which is why it didn’t make it past the 3 star mark. I guess the storyline was interesting, but pretty predictable.

I liked Matt aka Quinn as a character but only mostly when he was interacting with Mia. Even before the two of them meet in person, he was always sweet, funny, charming and attentive. Now what I didn’t like about his character was the fact that he was en escort because he was enjoying it. He loves sex, and obviously, that makes him love being an escort. He is happy to please any woman (all tastes, shapes and sizes welcome), and gets off with each and every one of them. It’s quick (and fun) money – so why bother finding a more respectable profession?

“Working is hard. Living is hard. Being a grownup sucks. I want money.”

And frankly, there were just too many detailed sex-scenes between him and clients. This is not something I needed. These scenes made Quinn a less than likeable main character, and less of a fit for Mia. What’s more, they weren’t quite realistic: the women he “escorted” were way too normal and good looking.

“I can’t tell you how many women I have said that exact line to in the past four years. And that was a lot of occasions. Well into the thousands.”

It was also ridiculous of Quinn to offer to extend his “playtime” with Mia on the condition that she doesn’t see anyone else. What a double-standard since he screws other people for a living and wasn’t offering to stop this for the sake of the offered playtime with her. Yet, in the middle of the book he does a full 180 and suddenly, one deflowering scene and some sleepless nights later, he notices that, in fact, he finds the escort-sex boring and stops it altogether.

Mia on the other hand, was the cliché’d 27-year-old virgin seeking for a deflowering knight in shining armor after a huge weight-loss journey. Some readers said she was immature, but I didn’t really think so. She was a goofball – that’s for sure – but had her head in the right place most of the time. In my opinion, she was looking to “do the deed” with a) someone she could get it over with once and for all without looking back, b) someone hot and c) someone she could trust. Turns out this someone was her brother’s best friend, that’s all.

“I wanted Quinn, for sure. But he served a purpose. I needed his help.”

I also appreciated that while she was naive and inexperienced in all thing sexual, she had good instinct where matter of the heart are concerned: as soon as she feels she might be falling in love with Quinn hard and fast, she decides to withdraw from her relationship since she feels nothing good is bound to happen from that.

It was all very much an insta-love story, at least for Matt. I can understand that Mia had a crush on Quinn for ages, and so it is easier for me to believe she fell in love with him so fast. But Matt, on the other hand, falls hard and fast for her. First with her character and attitude (throughout the mailing, texting and calling), and then, as they meet, he also falls for her looks. Their story was “cute” but I was missing elements that really cemented the chemistry between the two.

The writing was nice, funny and lighthearted. It switched between the two main characters’ first person POVs, and contained lots of texting and e-mailing, which was fun. I was a bit annoyed to find that some elements or aspects of the story were being emphasized when really, they were unnecessary. Like, how weird is it to describe a scene during which Quinn does naked yoga (alone, but erection included)? Don’t even get me started on how the book includes a scene told from Mia’s boss’ POV, relating to her own story, which – excuse me – was lame!

So in summary, About Last Night was a nice read, but in a rom-com, unrealistic, totally-predictable kind of way. I don’t mind this from time to time, but given that I like my reads a tad less unexpected, I will give this book 2.5 Stars.

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