About Fifty Shades of Books…

I have never been a bookworm, but in 2012, I was taken over by the hype created by Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James and I hopelessly fell in love with contemporary romance novels, which I have been chain-reading ever since. Fifty Shades of Books was created in July 2013, after spending months checking out Goodreads for great book-recommendations, following reviews and finally starting to write my own.

Who is this behind this blog?

My name is Anaïs, I am in my mid-twenties, and I live and work in Luxemburg. I actually work in the Executive Recruitment team of the e-commerce company that sells all of the books I read (it also sells about anything else you want, too) : )

In my spare time (when I am not reading, reviewing or working) I am into make-up, and I have been for many years now. This actually led me to open a very successful make-up blog a few years ago in order to share my passion, and this blog is still up and running.

And during the remainder of the time, I also like to work as a freelance graphics and webdesigner under the alter-ego of Designs by Anaïs.

About my reading habits…

I am a total eBook addict. While I started reading books on my iPad Mini, I soon transitioned over to a Kindle Paperwhite, which has gone through thick and thin with me ever since (and looks like it barley survived WWII). I exclusively read eBooks, and while I purchase 95% of the books I read, I get many eBooks “for free” via the Kindle Unlimited subscription (not exactly free since you pay a $10 fee, but it’s totally worth it), and some of the books I read are Advanced Readers Copies that authors send me directly, or that I receive from Netgalley.

Do I have an interest in becoming a writer?

Heck no! Believe me, I’ve tried, but I’d much rather leave that task to people who really master it!

My passion lies with reading, reviewing, sharing, and making connections and friendships with like-minded people.

If you would like to know more about me or if you have a question please feel free to Contact Me or email me at info@fiftyshadesofbooks.com.


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