All In (The Blackstone Affair #2) by Raine MillerAll In by Raine Miller
Published November 2012
Series: The Blackstone Affair #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Format: eBook
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Ethan Blackstone has a problem on his hands. He’s broken Brynne’s trust and she’s left him. He’s unwilling to live without her and isn’t giving up—he’s dead-set on getting his beautiful American girl back. The passion between them was explosive, but the secrets they hid from each other are dark and chilling and are powerful enough to destroy their shot at a life together.

With political threats now directed at Brynne, Ethan is running out of time and he’ll need to gather all his strength and agility to protect her from the dangers that could take her away from him forever. Will Ethan be able to save Brynne from a past that keeps her locked in fear? Will he ever feel the warmth of her touch, the solidity of her trust again? This is a love-struck man who is willing to do whatever it takes to possess the heart of the woman he loves. He’ll go to any lengths to protect her. He’ll go all in.

Here is the fiery story of what happens when two people surrender to a love so great it can heal the scars of the past and give way to a life of pure, rapturous ecstasy.

After having read the first part of the Blackstone Affair trilogy, I could not wait to start the next part, entitled All In by author Raine Miller. I was even more excited when, at the end of the first novel, I understood this next part would be written from a male POV, meaning finally getting to know the deepest thoughts of Ethan Blackstone, the hot and sexy brit, who fell deeply in love of young american art student Brynne Bennet.

And those thoughts, gawd where they something!

Why, I guess because Raine Miller just found the perfect way to let the british charm come to speech. Her writing is just simply great, and even better than in All In and Naked. Anyhow, she really knows how to instantly switch from captivating intrigue to tender moments, and from hot and sultry action to humour. Raine Miller describes Blackstone as such a strong yet sensitive man, and being inside his head while reading the book just makes us women wish he came true as the perfect man he is.

The way she helps the reader walk though his thoughts is exquisite: all of them are always accompanied by his inner dialogues which do not in any way lack of british wit (brit cursing and familiar jargon included) and above all, they are so funny and self-mocking I chuckled all through the book.

In terms of story, All In gives out a lot more details to make the plot clearer, but the plot itself only moves on slowly. Indeed, this second part of the Blackstone Affair series is more about Ethan and Brynne finding each other than about the intrigue behind their love. But believe me, this makes up for a missing plot. The end of novel leaves you longing for more as in the end of of the book there is a slightly unexpected outcome providing more suspense.

Yet, some things about Brynne tell you exactly where we are heading with her and Ethan in the 3rd part of the series – anyhow, I will leave this review spoiler-free so I won’t tell ;) Let me just say that I hope the 3rd part will be at least just as grand as this one, which I really enjoyed reading and I was so into it I had it done in about 5 hours.

I had read the 50 Shades Trilogy before, as well as the Crossfire series, but this Raine Miller series had me captivated and was definitely the best out of the three.

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Overall: five-stars