Baking and Babies (Chocoholics #3) by Tara SivecBaking And Babies by Tara Sivec
Published October 2015
Series: Chocoholics #2
Genres: New Adult, Romantic Comedy
Format: eBook
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"I’m pregnant."

Molly Gilmore had a good life before she uttered those two stupid words. While preparing to graduate from culinary school and building up the courage to make a move on her hot, sugar-cookie-smelling pastry instructor Marco, she can't wait to finally have the GREAT life she’s always dreamed about, instead of just the good one she’s been living.

Always known as the quiet ninja, she fully intends to stay hidden in the shadows with her nut-job family, so they have no chance to embarrass her around the man she's crushed on for two years. Unfortunately, her family has other plans. When they yank her straight out of her comfort zone, she finds herself starring in the craziest train wreck she's ever witnessed.

Molly ultimately gets a more exciting life that doesn't revolve around school, but she's pretty sure the man of her dreams won't be sticking around long after her family gets ahold of him. There aren't too many guys who can handle smelling like pee, having the whole world know how he masturbates, and being forced to eat an entire bag of dicks.

Join the Chocolate Lovers and Chocoholics gang for one final story about love, baked goods, making poor life choices, and remembering how important family is—even if they drive you insane.

Mostly because it's illegal to kill them.

Molly Gilmore has always been the quiet ninja within the Chocolate Lovers and Chocoholics clan, and thriving to stay out of the mess that her family her. However, when her sister Charlotte finds out that she is pregnant – a couple of weeks before her wedding – and the groom finds her and Molly with a pee-stick in hand, Molly has to jump in and pretend to be pregnant on her behalf…

Cue Marco Desoto, Molly’s culinary teacher, who – in an act of completely selflessness (not) – offers to play the part of baby daddy to the fake fetus. But what he doesn’t know is that by accepting to help Molly, he has to go through the scrutiny of a hell of a family.

What I loved about this book:

  • The humour
  • The fact that it was a quick yet entertaining read

What I felt needed improvement:

  • The humour – when it was over the top
  • The – sometimes – crude scenes.
  • The ending, which just felt rushed

Baking and Babies is the conclusion to the Chocoholics and Chocolate Lovers by Tara Sivec. The whole series is extremely funny and entertaining. Each book is perfectly light-hearted read that will guarantee you a couple of well-spent hours of entertainment.

Baking and Babies was no exception: this book was just over the top hilarious, really. It revolved both around the main intrigue (Molly having to fake a pregnancy for her sister’s sake), around the fact that Molly has a crush on her culinary teacher who is now willing to help her, and last but not least, there’s the tiny fact that Marco also has a sexy recipe-publishing alter ego which so many women despise and he needs to come clean to Molly about it – which is not that easy. I just loved the chemistry between the main characters, who seem to be (more or less) normal people sucked into the craziness that is their families.

“Mental patient, party of me, your padded cell is now available.”

However, you have to know that this book is not for the faint-hearted. It is rude, crude and well… the families are, and just behave way, way over the top. I didn’t mind, really, because it made the whole book very funny and I knew not to take it seriously, but I could see how and why some readers would consider this way too smutty-crazy. I mean, some things are just so crude and quite trashy. Like when the “heroine” pukes on the main character’s penis after sorry, during a blow job.

And, well, everything in this book is geared toward sex. Weird sex. And the farther you advance in this book, the more you think that the families portrayed are dumb as a box of rocks and heavily leaning towards white trash. They were a wild and weird bunch in the previous book, but Baking and Babies just reached a whole new level.

“I’m willing to do a lot of thing for a KitchenAid mixer and money for an apartment, but having a tree stump shoved up my vagina is not one of them.”

Yet, guess what: there is a “deflowering scene” and to my utter disappointment and surprise, this is not documented at all. It seems the author has no issue whatever when it comes to talking about all sorts of sexual interactions (S/M, Bronie Sex, Sex with misc. objects etc…), but draw a blank when it comes to normal plain vanilla intercourse. Interesting.

And really, I wonder whether this is not just some quick release to make a quick buck. First off: the end of the book is just totally rushed. And the “epilogue” of how all the Chocoholics characters die was really, really weird and kind of distasteful. Like the author just wanted to quickly end this. And secondly, there were a lot of grammatical errors and misspelled words, which could have been avoided with some proper editing.

So yeah, in summary, I still want to say that it is a funny and entertaining read, but has to be taken with a pinch spoon of salt. If you don’t mind a little trash, you should be fine! But it’s not like you have missed anything if you’d skip it, either.

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