Be My Baby (The Baby Saga #3) by Airicka PhoenixBe My Baby by Airicka Phoenix
Published March 2015
Series: The Baby Saga #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
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It started with a drink and ended in a night neither will ever forget.

Calla McClain had done a great number of questionable things in her past, getting drunk at a friend's wedding and winding up in bed with the man she loved should have been a dream come true. Only their one night of mind blowing sex wasn't the only mistake she'd made in her intoxicated stupor.

Waking up hitched to the girl he'd been in love with since they were sixteen suited Jared just fine. He was in no hurry to cut those papers up, no matter how hard the new Mrs. Dumont insisted she was no good for him. He wasn't going to let her keep them apart, and he sure as hell wasn't going to let her walk away now that she belonged to him.

But can Jared accept the demons snapping at Calla's heels? Can he convince her they were perfect for each other? And what will happen when they learn that getting married was the least of their problems?

Jared Dumont has been in love with Calla McClain ever since they were kids, but things never quite worked out for them back then. Then, a couples of years later, Calla left for university, and while for Jared, her absence made his heart grow fonder, Calla came back a changed person.

Calla used to be witty and sassy, but now she is a mere shell of herself. She is having a hard time dealing with what happened to her at university, and she is keeping these events a secret. But she is also having a hard time dealing with an very insistent Jared, who wants nothing more than to be with her. Yet, she knows that he deserves better, and even though she is in love with him too, she won’t allow herself to let him in.

“While he was delicious and she was more than happy to lap him up like a strawberry sundae during a heat wave, she wasn’t good for him and he deserved someone not as damaged as she was.”

What I loved about this book:

  • The feel-good atmosphere
  • The male main character
  • The sexy times

What I felt needed improvement:

  • The plot was a tad predictable but it wasn’t a major issue

Be My Baby is your typical feel good read, and I enjoyed the heck out of this book – I read it on one cold Sunday morning under the covers of my bed and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy. To be very honest, it wasn’t a masterpiece where to storyline was concerned (at some point it was actually quite predictable), but I was extremely invested in the characters.

I loved Jared Dumont from the beginning. He was so in love with Calla from the beginning of the book, and wasn’t afraid to show it. Before Calla’s sister Willa gave him a push in the right direction, he wasn’t sure if he would ever be able to conquer Calla’s heart. But even before then, he had been the perfect gentleman: caring and attentive. I mean there’s a snowstorm and he picks up Calla’s mom from her workplace, and goes to Calla’s place to see if she made it home safely – how endearing is that?

“She might have a wall around her, but he had a damn hammer. He was going to smash that motherfucker to the ground.”

I loved that Jared was the hero that was just the right amount of Alpha-male and the right amount of caring. He really fought for Calla and his devotion helped her broke out of her shell and bring her back from whatever dark place she was in since she returned from University a year ago.

“He has even spelled it out for her so there was no mistaking that he wanted her. But how could she be what he wanted when she wasn’t even who she wanted most days?”

I was a bit surprised that there wasn’t much more detail around Calla – sure, her past in an issue that will come up in due time in the book, but apart from the fact that Calla has a great connection to her family and particularly to her sister Willa, and that she owns a local clothing boutique, we do not actually know more about her. She’s this closed off person that’s carrying a lot of guilt and pain, which sometimes leads her to utter pissy remarks to people around her, but she never acted as bad as she believed herself to be.

“She’d gone to university a slutty virgin, which was irony in itself. She had known all the ways to drive a guy crazy without ever having had a cock. Then the whole thing had come around and smacked her in the face.”

Anyway – I just loved how Jared conquered her little by little, and how all of this amounted to some seriously hot steamy scenes. And yeah – there are a few unexpected twists and turns in the story, which kept me quite entertained.

“You tell me not to get invested, but I already am. I’m invested in your smiles and in the sound of your laugh. I’m invested in your scent and the way you make the whole world a little brighter when you walk into a room.”

The writing was good (although I did notice a few issues with the word navel and clientele being spelled “naval” and “cliental” – sorry, those are my pet peeves) and was written in 3rd person, with POVs alternating between Calla and Jared. Since this is the third book in the Baby series, there was also a healthy dose of appearances from past books’ heroines, and they all melt together into a cheerful and entertaining family. This was quite skilfully done, and the characters were just as endearing as in the last books (even if this book actually jumped a generation).

So yeah, if you are looking for a swoonworthy, fun and sexy little read, Be My Baby might be just the thing you need – and will certainly pique your interest in reading about Calla’s sister Willa, and her longterm sweetheart (but not yet) lover Damon.

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