Beyond These Walls (The Walls Duet #2) by J.L. BergBeyond These Walls by J.L. Berg
Published April 2015
Series: The Walls Duet #2
Genres: New Adult
Format: eBook
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Happily ever after.

That was what we were supposed to have.

Pudding cups, sandy toes and a lifetime of making each and every one of our dreams come true—that is the future I’d promised her.

I could see it in my dreams, hold it in my hands, but then I watched as all of our hopes and wishes suddenly slipped through my fingers like sand.

I thought the worst was behind us, but what if we’d just delayed the inevitable?

They say love can overcome any obstacle. But can it survive death?

The breathtaking love story of Lailah and Jude concludes in Beyond These Walls.

Due to a heart defect, Lailah Buchanan never thought she would be able to do simple things such as put her toes into the sand, travel or fall in love. But when she met a broken and hopeless Jude Cavanaugh, she unknowingly became his motivation to help her tick things off her Someday list.

Two years after they found and saved each other (and one long-awaited heart transplant later, enabling Lailah to live a more or less normal life), Jude and Lailah are on their way to marriage and a happily ever after. But does love really conquer all, when the couple is faced to a life-changing decision that may either crush or enhance their love?

What I loved about this book:

  • The idea of a sequel to what sounded like a rushed happily ever after from Book 1

What I felt needed improvement:

  • The pace was wrong (first half was a detail of 1 week’s time, and the rest covered more or less 6 months)
  • The plot was too predictable
  • The characters didn’t hold as much appeal as they did in Book 1

First of all, please note that this is not a standalone, and should be read as Book 2 in the The Walls Duet, otherwise you will just be lost given all the history that exists between the main characters!

While I found the first book okay, I really, really couldn’t make room in my book-lover heart for Part 2. The storyline was entirely too predictable. That’s not an issue as such, because I don’t mind pregnancy-related stories (I actually like them very much), but it was the exact same scenario than in One More Chance by Abbi Glines, and quite frankly, I didn’t mind but would have expected more originality.

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All in all, the whole book felt like a huge stretched out epilogue. With a completely screwed up pace. To begin with, Beyond These Walls is extremely short – I read it in about 2hrs. And during those two hours, you would expect an adjusted pace, but don’t think you will be getting this here. Honestly, the first 40% of the book covered the wedding preparations, and the actual wedding day (actually, a very, very short period of time – maybe a week or two or so?) And needless to say that there wasn’t as much story action as there was description (and quite cheesy lines and situations at times!). And then, the second part of the book was the complete opposite because it covered a substantial amount of time with lots of important part simply skipped.

Also, the characters really didn’t feel the same as in Book 1. Lailah was still her strong self, but I was completely turned off by the sappy interactions between her and Jude, and found Jude entirely too overbearing. I liked the fact that there was an unexpected fall-out toward the end, but it didn’t make the book any more interesting.

And then, I didn’t understand all the fuss between Roman and Jude. Roman is Jude’s brother and constantly looking to annoy Jude with his childish and unprofessional behavior – although they both run their late fathers’ company and have to be mature enough to do so. Anyway – there was a huge part of the story around this (and Roman causing Jude churn) but I really didn’t understand why. It didn’t add to the story itself. This part was pretty useless to me.

So yeah, all in all, this book really wasn’t for me. No exiting storyline, or characters, but lots of sappiness and predictability. That’s a shame, really, because I loved most of the Ready Series books from J.L. Berg.

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