Billionaire Unmasked (The Billionaire’s Obsession #6) by J.S. ScottBillionaire Unmasked by J.S. Scott
Published August 2014
Series: The Billionaire's Obsession #6
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
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Jason Sutherland is a billionaire investor who has it all: good looks, billions of dollars, and every expensive toy a man could ever want. What he doesn’t have is the one thing he wants the most: Hope Sinclair. Unfortunately Hope, the little sister of his best friend, was off limits. But when he finds out that she’s getting married, he decides that he’s staking his claim before it’s too late, and it will take more than a little deception and risk to accomplish his goal. Hope could end up hating his guts, but after spending one forbidden night with her that he can’t forget, he knows he has to try to make her his forever.

Hope Sinclair was born into money, but being rich has never made her happy. The one thing she wants is a man to care about her and not her bank account. The closest thing she’s ever found to real happiness was the magical, passionate night she’d spent in the arms of Jason Sutherland…until that night turned into heartbreak. So when he unexpectedly comes back into her life in the strangest of ways, Hope is determined to resist her attraction to him.

Thrown together by Jason’s deception and with their passion still burning hot, can the two of them survive after the billionaire is unmasked?

Ever since she was a teenager Hope Sinclair has always had a soft spot for Jason Sutherland. When she graduated, this soft spot became a crush, but Hope never dared to give in to her feelings, since she never would have imagined that Jason would return her feelings.

Yet, Jason has been biding his time, obsessed with making Hope his. And when he finds out that she is getting married with someone she apparently doesn’t love and who doesn’t care for her, he goes insane with passion and thinks up a mischievous plan to prevent her from taking the step that would take her from him.

What I loved about this book:

  • Nothing was out of the extraordinary

What I felt needed improvement:

  • Both the characters were either unreal or unlikeable
  • The storyline is too drama-loaded
  • Some topics were treated too lightly

I have been a huge fan of the Billionaire’s Obession Series since they are romantic, lighthearted yet hot reads. Apart from one book which didn’t do it for me, I gave all the others a great rating. So obviously, buying Billionaire Unmasked was a no-brainer, especially given the great Goodreads reviews. But I’m afraid that I’ll have to agree to disagree with those reviews since this read wasn’t mindblowing. It wasn’t awful nor was it great, and there were just too many things wrong for me.

When Jason finds out that Hope is married, he takes some radical measures which – I have to admit –  makes the read quite funny. But all things considered, Jason’s actions were over the top and not warranted. Yet I liked the fact that Billionaire Unmasked wasn’t too serious.

“Hope Sinclair was his private obsession, a woman who could change him from a rational thinker to a possessive, compulsive maniac with just one look.”

It does deal with a serious topic though, because Hope has been through awful things in her past. But those things don’t seem to haunt her that much, and apparently, all she needs is to have sex with Jason to get over them. Really? It also honestly bothered me how “normal” Hope was considering the fact that she had absolutely no support to recover from what happened to her. That just sounds unlikely.

What’s more, there are sooo many things wrong with Hope that it looks like the author just wanted to create unnecessary drama and empathy around her character. Let’s keep a list, shall we? Hope had an awful childhood, her brothers are overprotective, something bad happened to her 3 years ago, and her best friend just dies. Oh, poor kid – she was born into a billionaire household. Tough life.

I didn’t really know what to make of Jason either. First, he’s this huge asshole trying to blackmail Hope into having sex with him (so he can get her out of his system), and then he becomes this alpha-male version of a hopeless romantic.

“Jason was a man of action, a raw, alpha male who gave her control. This was against his very nature, yet he did it for her.”

The book has nice steamy scenes, but all in all it just feels un-real and too drama loaded. Also, in terms of writing, I was surprised (and not necessarily in a good way) to find that many lines, thoughts and descriptions were redundant. In summary: by far not the best book in the series, and unfortunately a disappointment.

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