Bound Forever (Bound #2) by Hannah PeachBound Forever by Hannah Peach
Published August 2014
Series: Bound #2
Genres: Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
Format: ARC

Note: I was granted an advanced reader's copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my rating or the content of my review.

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Caden and I on the run. Together. But he still won’t let me touch him and I know he is still keeping things from me. I am determined to uncover everything - at any cost. Even if it tears us apart.

Jacob is back. He’s back and he knows about her. Now, everything that binds the three of us together are twisting and tightening, pulling us all together. I can feel the inevitable coming…
I don’t know how this will end… all I know is, there will be blood.

Caden Thaine and Kitten are on the run from Jacob Tyrell, Kitten’s ex-boyfriend, stalker and head of a drug cartel. Even though Kitten has huge doubts about Caden’s identity – is he a cop, and if so, why was he following her over the last few months – she feels safe with him and it feels like he is the only person she can turn to at the moment. But while Jacob is still behind her, she will never feel completely safe.

Caden’s one and only goal, however, is to protect Kitten, on a professional and on a personal basis. He would do anything to keep her safe, even if it means facing Jacob and having to kill him. While he tries to wrap his head around the feelings he has for her, he is also working on a plan to do just that.

Bound Forever being the sequel to Bound By Lies (an absolutely awesome ARC I’ve had the chance to read a few months back), I was eager to find out what the story held for both Kitten and Caden. Thankfully, the author eases the reader back into the story by recalling the key points of book one, which is not always the case with sequels, and sometimes makes them dreadful to read.

Bound Forever is now written in dual POV, even if Kitten is given more room for her thoughts than Caden. His POV is however extremely informative and gives us insight into his past (which was kept in the dark for most of book one, and still begged for tons of questions!) and into his connection to Kitten, which goes way beyond a casual encounter in a bar.
I found Bound Forever to have a very well knitted plot (which definitely kept me on my toes during all of book one), and book two was no exception as the different twists and turns of the story where quite entertaining (and the end quite suspense laden), but I was unhappy with the pace and general setting. While Caden and Kitten are on the run, they actually do nothing more than hide at Caden’s place, which is an actual manor. And more than 60% of the book is set in said manor.

So except for Caden opening up to Kitten, and Kitten snooping around while he is gone, and getting into fights with him when he’s back and she confronts him, there is not much going on. But thankfully the last third of the story makes up for the lack of scenery by providing a quite nice twist in the plot.

All in all, and even despite the minor downsides I mentioned, I would definitely recommend you read Bound Forever (obviously, after having read Bound by Lies). If you thought the story couldn’t get “weirder” at the end of book one, you are definitely mistaken. And if you wonder what Caden is all about – is he a good guy or a bad guy – then Bound Forever will have an answer to your questions!