Bye-Bye Baby (The Baby Saga #2) by Airicka PhoenixBye-Bye Baby by Airicka Phoenix
Published January 2015
Series: The Baby Saga #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
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Love has no expiration.

The morning Beth packed her bags and walked out of Cole’s life was the day he swore the only girl for him would be the six year old who called him daddy. He didn’t have time for love, not between raising his baby girl and trying to figure out what the hell he was going to do with his life. But fate has a funny way of coming around and kicking you when you least expect it. Cole’s new life was no exception.

As a product of a severely broken home, Beth Doan knew better than to ever get married. She’d seen what that commitment did to people and she loved Cole McClain too much to let marriage destroy them. But the minute she boards that bus she knew she was making the biggest mistake of her life. Only maybe she wasn’t, not when she goes running back home to the only man she ever loved and finds him in the arms of another woman.

When an unexpected accident throws them together four years later, the last thing either anticipated was to become responsible for a little person who needs them a whole lot more than they need their bitterness and hurt feelings. Can Cole and Beth forgive and forget long enough to save the life of a child neither one of them predicted falling in love with?

Or are some wounds just too deep to heal?

Beth Doan and Cole McClain have been an item four years ago, but that was before Beth decided to leave Cole the morning after he proposed to her. Cole has been heartbroken ever since and trying to get over Beth, but in vain. But a phone call from a hospital prompts him to make the three-hour drive to see Beth, who suffered severe injuries from a fire in her apartment complex.

Unable to use her hands or care for herself, and with noone around to help her out, Cole offers to bring her back to his place in Willow Creek until he gets better. For lack of better options, Beth agrees, alhough she knows plain well that this will be a very challenging situation. There is an akward sexual tension between the two, and it’s making things difficult for both of them.

But as they are both set on recueing a little boy who has suffered from child abuse for several years, both show a strength they never though they had.

What I loved about this book:

  • Sorry, but I will have to draw a blank here…

What I felt needed improvement:

  • The horrendously ridiculous plot
  • The cliché’d hearts and flowers scenarios
  • The unrealistic characters

I pikced up Bye-Bye Baby because it’s part 2 of the Baby Saga, and I had already read (and liked) Forever His Baby, which is part 1 of the saga. However, I have been truly disappointed by this release, as the story really just didn’t feel or sound realistic.

I really couldn’t stand Beth and how mistrusting she was of Cole, when all he did was be a perfect book boyfriend. I don’t even know why he put up with her, or even agreed to take care of her when she was so set against the idea of him looking after her. After all, the worst part was that she left him (not the other way around), so she should be thankful that he still wants anything to do with her. Yet, after all those years, when she sees that Cole has moved into a new apartment, she is angry because he replaced all the furniture they bought together and got rid of whatever reminded him of her.

“He didn’t know how to apologize when he didn’t know what he was apologizing for. It was becoming impossible to remember she had left him. Didn’t he have a right to move on?”

And can you believe that both of them were heartbroken over their “break-up” four years ago, and haven’t had sex with another person ever since? Yeah, right! Oh, and did I mention that even though the two of them broke up, Beth always stayed in close contact with Cole’s BFF Lilly, and Cole had no idea about that? So many things are just too unrealistic here.

Then, when Beth’s accident happens, they move in together (even though Cole has no obligation to take her in), and just like that, they do everything in their power to rescue an abused child from his father and take the kid into Cole’s home. Sure, I mean it sounds like something more or less believeable since no-one should let an abused child suffer and Cole has had a violent father himself, so he certainly could relate, but… Cole and Beth take this decision together, when at that point of the story, they aren’t even an item. Even worse: their interactions are completely awkward. Cole is dying to win Beth back, and Beth is her insecure self, ready to run at the slightest incident. And Cole and Beth are in ther early twenties – how can they possibly make such a decision when there’s another human being involved?

“There is nothing we’re doing for that boy that we would ever take back. He’s a McClain. This is his family for as long as he needs us.”

Oh well… And to ride on the wave of unicorns, rainbows and fairytales, let’s talk about the fact that it’s really no biggie for nurse Beth to move all her belongings to Willow Creek, and for Cole to build himself another existent that make shim oh so much happier. Cole always wanted to be a lawyer (and studied hard to get there), but needed to stay in the small town of Willow Creek to look after his daughter (that’s the one he had with his best friend…) But there’s nothing going on in that town business-wise, and he apparently was fine with that in the last four years. But suddenly, now that he lives with Beth, he becomes a computer technician – just like that.

Also, I really felt like the kids in this book acted really weird. Not so much Calla and Willa, but Damon – a six year old – speaks as if he was a teenager. This is so very awkward. But read for yourself:

“Why didn’t you let me die?”
“I shouldn’t have been born.”
“Beth’s the only person who doesn’t think I’m a worthless little fuck.”

Yes, those words are supposed to come out of the mouth of a six-year-old. Absolutely believeable. Not.

The whole storyline was totally ridiculous and I can’t remember having rolled my eyes as much when reading a book. Now the writing was okay, it was a 3rd person style with alternative POVs and was a good as in the first book, despite a few typos and mistakes here and there. But I can live with that. Now what I couldn’t live was the ridiculous rainbows-and-unicorns story, where everything just works out, and the unrealistic characters and behaviours. Sure, the book held some depth due to the very important subject of child abuse, but everything around this subject was just too ridiculous to really have an impact.

So yes, this is the first disappointment in 2015, and while I actually liked the first part of the series, Bye-Bye Baby just didn’t cut it for me. Not sure I will be picking up the next two books which are scheduled in the Baby Saga, especially since I have no idea whose story they will be picking up on. Because it’s it’s going to be the continuation of Damon and Willa, I’m saying no. But we’ll see…

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