Coach (Breeding #1) by Alexa RileyCoach by Alexa Riley
Published September 2015
Series: Breeding #1
Format: eBook
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Retiring from the NFL was the right decision, and at thirty years old, I've done things most people could only dream of. After all I've accomplished, coaching high school football should be easy...but when you've got a distraction in the form of a nerdy girl with curves, things can get complicated.

She's a student, she's barely legal, and she's my best friend’s daughter.

I didn't know what desire was until Megan. I had no idea obsession could drive someone insane, until I saw her. I wasn't prepared for the fact that once I laid eyes on Megan my life would really begin.

I have to have her, no matter what the cost. I have to breed her and bind her to me so tightly she can't ever get away. She'll be mine, even if I have to take her.

Yes, okay. You caught me reading yet another Alexa Riley book. I’ve really been binge-reading her books lately: they’re cheap (if not free on Kindle Unlimited), short, and um… searing hot!

Coach delivers the usual high quality smut, and just like in Mechanic (another book from the Breeding series), the male character had clear intentions of getting the heroine pregnant – or “bred” (if you put it in the shockingly animalistic terms the author uses). Yes, that’s a weird one to get over, but once you do, all is fine with the world.

But the one other thing that you’ll need to get over when reading Coach is the fact that the storyline is really, really bad. Alexa Riley’s storylines are often a big hit or miss and Coach was definitely not on the “hit” side. It’s very basic and it’s about 18-year-old Megan (virgin, of course) falling in lust/love with her father’s (younger) best friend Chris, who happens to be the new coach at the girl’s school.

The story unfolds over a week or so (which explains why the book is so short), and within that timeframe, the main characters meet, “breed” a countless number of times, get discovered by Megan’s father/Chris’ best friend, and then all is good in the world. Easy-peasy! Oh and of course, there’s no chase involved at all: the main characters are taken by a wave of insta-lust – and insta-love too, since they profess their undying love to each other probably… 3 days after they meet…

In summary: this book is a nice distracting, smutty read, but definitely not challenging at an intellectual level.

By the way, have you seen the cover? I wouldn’t be caught dead with a paperback version of that book!

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