Crossing The Line (The Firing Line #3) by Kierney ScottCrossing The Line by Kierney Scott
Published June 2015
Series: The Firing Line #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Format: eBook
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Beth is still reeling from the murder of her beautiful sister Paige – a hit ordered by ‘El Escorpion’, the notorious cartel leader she has relentlessly pursued for the last six years in her role as DEA agent.

Reunited with her lover and undercover agent Torres, who is now her husband, and raising their adopted daughter Alejandra, she should be happier. But her role in Paige’s death eats away at her, as does her final fling with her old partner Patterson, which she has hidden from Torres…

So when truths are exposed, Beth and Torres’ fierce passion turns into an embittered battle. Beth’s only desire now is to track down El Escorpion once and for all. But will her search for justice cost her everything?

What I loved about this book:

  • The great storyline
  • The kick-ass characters
  • The awesome unexpected twists in the story
  • The steamy scenes
  • The angst and suspense (yeah, I loved it)

What I felt needed improvement:

  • Absolutely nothing

I’m writing this review while I actually finished the book almost two months one month ago. But I’m not exactly nervous when it comes to writing this review (as I always seem to be when I procrastinate my book reviews) because all I can tell you is that this book is probably one of the best books I ever read (including the 2 other books in this series), and that it is burned into my memory.

The Firing Line series has it all: great characters, great chemistry, and an even greater storyline that’s full of suspense, humour and awesome sex. And the best thing about it: I have never – I repeat: never – read a series where all books were of equal quality. But this is definitely the case for The Firing Line, and there’s more: because this series actually gets better with every sequel. No, I kid you not.

So here it is: my confession of love and eternal loyalty to author Kierney Scott, and my shameless plea for you to go out there and: Buy. Her. Books. Like, now.

So, now that we have this out of the way, let’s talk about Crossing The Line, shall we? This is going to be a difficult review though, since I do not want to reveal too much of what happened in the previous books, so sorry if it all sound very general and mysterious. I can’t even quote too many things out of the book since all the highlights I made would give too much away.

But what I can tell you is that Beth and Torres are still the kick-ass characters we know from the first and second book in the series, and their story goes on as it evolves around 2 big themes.The first theme obviously regards Beth’s job: her investigation into a world of drug cartels.

“Everything they had worked for, all of their sacrifices meant shit if they didn’t find El Escorpion. All the crappy things that had happened would mean something. Her sister’s death would never be worth it but maybe if they brought down Los Treintas, things would be OK again.”

And the second theme concerns the couple’s relationship. Indeed Beth and Torres are now married, and while Beth is happy and extremely grateful to have Torres by her side, she wonders whether he married her out of love or out of sympathy.

“With Torres, she always had someone on her side. That is why she married him. She probably shouldn’t have; he had only asked her out of a misplaced loyalty. It wasn’t particularly fair to him, to saddle him with her and her daughter.”

There was a ton of huge twists throughout the book, both around Torres and Beth’s story and around Beth’s investigation. And god… there were just so many dimensions to their relationship (the fact that Beth is silently but surely waiting for Torres to walk away from her; the murder of her sister; the secret she keeps from Torres…) that this book was full of angst. But the good kind.

There was so much angst and suspense in this book I actually couldn’t take it anymore (again, in a good way). It was the kind of suspense you’re so giddy about you have this “Screw having to go to work tomorrow, I’ll finish this book even if I need to be up all night” attitude.

I loved how those twists really brought the craziest emotions out of the characters. Especially one twist completely brought Beth out of her element (despite the fact that she is someone very rational who tries hard not to lose her mind) and thankfully Torres was there to set her straight. And wow, Torres is just such a hot alpha. He really tops my list. Can’t say he’s the perfect book boyfriend because he certainly has some flaws, but dayum he’s a boyfriend you’d never get bored with…

The writing was, as always, spot on. Kierney Scott masters a great third person POV – except that in this book we see much more things from Beth’s perspective than from Torres’ – which becomes critical through the end of the book, where an earth-shattering finale takes place, and the reader literally feels the angst and insecurity seeping through Beth’s POV, when she (and the reader) have absolutely no idea what’s going through Torres’ head. And god, did this book feel real – both in terms of the storyline and the characters. It’s very difficult for most authors to achieve that, so I rate this very highly.

And to conclude, I can only repeat what I said earlier: Firing The Line is a masterpiece series and you will certainly not be disappointed for it. If you’re looking for your next favorite series, I guess you found it.

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5 Stars
5 Stars
5 Stars
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Overall: five-stars