Days Like This by Danielle EllisonDays Like This by Danielle Ellison
Published June 2015
Genres: New Adult
Format: ARC

Note: I was granted an advanced reader's copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my rating or the content of my review.

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Sometimes the only thing standing between fear and hope is you.

Almost a year ago, nineteen-year-old Cassie Harlen had a lot to deal with. A stack of college acceptance letters waiting for answers, a proposal from the boy next door, and a mother whose most recent bipolar episode left Cassie hurt and confused. Tired of cleaning up the messes caused by her mother's disorder, of resenting her mother for not being there, and scared of being trapped by an inevitable future—which included marrying Graham Tucker—Cassie did the only thing she could think of to keep from ending up like her mother: she left.

Graham never knew why Cassie walked away. He woke up one morning and she was gone—along with the life that he’d created around her. After eleven months, Graham has a new plan for his future. One that doesn't involve Cassie Harlen.

When Cassie's mom nearly burns down her house, Cassie’s forced to return home. Back to a mother she’s tried to ignore and the guy she’s been unable to forget. Graham doesn't know how he's going to spend the whole summer living next door to the person who broke his heart without letting those old feelings push through to the surface.

Neither does Cassie

Almost a year ago, Cassie Harlen left both her fiance Graham Tucker and her bipolar mother behind. While she still isn’t over Graham, Cassie tries to move on and to make the best out of her life before her mother’s disease gets her.

Graham is also trying to pick up the pieces as best as he can, but as he rescues Cassie’s mother from a fire and had her hospitalized, he knows he’s going to have to make a dreadful call, and face Cassie again.

What I loved about this book:

  • Nothing, I’m afraid

What I felt needed improvement:

  • The naive main character
  • The predictable storyline
  • The achingly slow pace of the book

DNF at 35%.

I was offered an ARC of Days Like This via Netgalley, and unfortunately, I did not like this book at all.

I have read my fair share of books featuring naive and messed-up heroines, and do not mind as long as there is a character development along the way, but in Days Like This, Cassie Harlen just represented the epitome of what I dislike in a naive and completely disillusioned main character. The reason why I say this is because poor Cassie decided to leave Graham, her boyfriend of six years – the one that just proposed to her (a proposal which, by the way, she accepted before leaving a cloud of dust behind her). Graham is the perfect book boyfriend: he’s caring, he is supportive, and the chemistry between the two of them is just perfect.

Now why did she leave him? Well, because her mother has been diagnosed bi-polar, but has had episodes all her life. And then there’s the fact that Cassie father left them. So instead of facing the issues (together with her fiance), she just leaves the state and her mother behind (with no one to help her and see if she’s actually taking her meds). Her big worries are that she might have the same mental disorder (total BS, since it’s not hereditary, and she’s been around doctors long enough to now), and that Graham would eventually leave her because of it, just like her father. Moreover, she feels like he deserves better than someone who would eventually represent a burden to him.

But hey, the guy asked her to marry him! Shouldn’t he be the judge of that??? God, that feels so much like the plot from Where The Road Takes Me by Jay McLean, only much less credible.

And now that Cassie is back in her hometown because her mother’s disease is getting worse (and Graham was the one who rescued her mother from a fire in her house – one that she set),  she’s gutted to witness that Graham, after giving her tons of missed calls, decided to use the year apart to move on without her: career-wise and relationship wise. Why of course he did, since she was so dumb to leave him without so much of an apology or explanation. How naive can she be? Her behavior was completely out of line and she doesn’t have the right to be jealous anymore now that she realizes how she screwed up.

But since Graham is totally lovestruck (and such a good book boyfriend), he obviously still has feelings for Cassie. So up until 35% of the book, when they meet again it’s like “I wish I could kiss her/him. Oh but no, I should not be thinking those thoughts – she left me/I hurt him.” It’s really ridiculous and not creating suspense at all. Especially since we know that Cassie was just too chicken to face the issues head-on. The pace of the story was achingly slow too. 35% into the story, there still wasn’t any development or intrigue – the situation still remained the same and the bits of information that the author would drop were way too few and not enough to fuel my curiosity to read on.

And honestly, the moment I noticed that Graham was still pining after Cassie (even though he appeared to have moved on), I knew this story wasn’t going to be any good. Predictable, to say the least: they’ll probably give in to their attraction, talk it out, and live happily ever after. Had Graham been angry with Cassie, it would have required Cassie to put up a fight, which would have made the story just a tad more interesting.

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