Deceived – Part 2 Paris (Deceived #2) by Eve CarterDeceived - Part 2 Paris by Eve Carter
Published January 2013
Series: Deceived #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Office Romance
Format: eBook
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Heartbroken and deceived, Chloe Swanson, looking for a distraction to mend her broken heart, accepts a job offer, helping a friend to open an art gallery in Paris, France.

Her trip to Paris launches an avalanche of adventures, that leaves little to the imagination. Will Chloe ever forgive Patrick Collins for breaking her heart, or will Paris, The City of Love, provide her with new opportunities?

Deceived – Part 2 Paris is obviously the sequel to the book Deceived – Part 1 New York by Eve Carter, US author from Iowa. Young Chloe Swanson rushes home to New York after being deceived during a weekend in the Hamptons, where she had just discovered her lover (and boss) Patrick Collins making out with one of the company’s clients.

She was deeply in love with Patrick, and desperately needs to get over this. Back at work, she can’t stand it anymore, and slams her resignation on her bosses desk while he’s on a business trip in Florida. I’m wondering about the notice period here, but hey, it’s only a book… And that’s when her boss’s gay friend asks her to be his assistant in Paris, where he is planning on opening a new art gallery.

So… I absolutely had to read this sequel because the first part was just plain mediocre and I was really hoping that this second part would be better but honestly it was just worse. Thankfully, I have already read the 3rd, part, which is Deceived – Part 3 Chloe’s Revenge and I can tell you that at least it’s getting better for the 3rd part, but this second “novel” is just a total waste of time in bad storylines and writing, and I will be pleased to tell you why

However, please do not read on if you don’t want spoilers. Even if I try to write spoiler free reviews, it is just not possible for me to do so when a story is totally plain and only 88 pages!

The plot is super simple and not really refined to my taste:
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The characters did not evolve at all. Chloe is still a total mess and does not really know what to do with herself, thinking that she needs to fuck her boss out of her system. She has very poor character strength and it seems that alcohol and sex go together hand in hand for her, so that her actions are actually quite predictable. And the worst part is that she is going through a lot of trouble for nothing, because that thing she witnessed her boyfriend doing back in the Hamptons was a terrible misunderstanding. Yet she ran away without hearing his explanations. Oh and this whole misunderstanding is cleared up in one single paragraph. Duh. I wouldn’t want to be Chloe, honestly.

And that Patrick Collins isn’t better either. He has no personality at all. Well, Eve Carter tries to put him into the “white knight in shining armor” attire, which kind of works out but it’s not too subtle either. Just lacks in enthusiasm and actions. The idea behind the story is interesting, but whatever happens – the slightest problem or issue – is always solved in the blink of an eye. Everyone has the solution at hand and it seems really easy in the end. Everything seems to work out too easily to my taste. But hey, in 88 pages, what can you do? Guess there’s not too much time to drift into the details.

Anyway, there are also quite a few incoherent things in that book: the gallery changes its name twice (Gallerie du Lumière and Gallerie de Lumière) but all the while it should read “Galerie de la Lumière”. Spanish or italian people now happen to have characteristically blonde and sandy hair (wtf?), and say “my querido” to a woman instead of “mi querida”… And contrary to what Eve Carter tries to tell us in her 2013 novel: in France, smoking in bars and restaurants is prohibited since 2007 (the only acceptable place being the terraces on the outside of the venue).

Oh and Eve Carter should really learn how to place commas!

But she still has an exquisite taste for strange word associations, which are sure to trigger a little chuckle while you read. So even if this is a bottom-drawer book for me (and only a means to ending the series) it was still fun – as far as quickies go. So as a closure, why don’t I leave you to dwell on the most hilarious word associatons from Deceived – Part 2 (Paris) by Eve Carter? Enjoy!

“Just go easy there, lover boy… I don’t want my pooper shooter parted like the Red Sea!” – Ugh.
“I grabbed his arm […] as he pulled me fully onto his cock, his granite and in a final opus, that quivered his release deep inside me, he bellowed out an unrecognisable Neolithic howl.” – I swear that’s what it says in the book…
“After inhaling the eggs, I set my empty plate on the bottom area of the bed” – Um… so Chloe eat her eggs through inhalation ?
“You sent me several text messages. Are you telling me that you didn’t send me any text message?” – Duh, Patrick, not too bright up there, huh?
“Moving him on top of me and with desire rumbling in his throat, like distant summer thunder, he thrust his firmness into my wet folds.” – Be careful not to choke on that thunder, dude!
“The tugging on my clit corkscrewed my emotions like a tornado.” – L.O.L
“My release rolled in like clouds heavy with their duty, unleashed by his final strokes, quivering, the deluge broke, pelting down like razor hot drops of rain.” – What is it with Eve Carter and weather semantics?
“Destiny had thrown us back together again, placing our souls on the crosshairs of love” – How poetic…

Well, last but not least… Dear Eve Carter, I know wearing rain coats suck, but please make your characters stick to safe-sex. I mean that Francisco-guy and the motocross lover-boy didn’t seem to be the cleanest. Gosh… poor Patrick Collins, I wouldn’t wish an STD on him!

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