Disillusioned (Swept Away #2) by J.S. CooperDisillusioned by J.S. Cooper
Published March 2015
Series: Swept Away #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Format: eBook
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When Bianca and Jakob awake on a sandy shore in the middle of nowhere, their first thoughts are of survival. But as they explore their surroundings and try to discover who stranded them on the island, they can’t deny the electricity surging between them. Soon it’s more than just a campfire keeping them warm…

But just as Bianca is starting to trust Jakob, she uncovers a clue to their abduction—and he may know more than he’s letting on. Was Jakob just as surprised as she to find himself alone with her…or could the man she’s fallen for be her captor?

Kidnapped and sent off to a deserted island for having snooped around her father’s former company wanting to find answers to her parents’ death, Bianca London finds herself kidnapped and dumped on a deserted island, where she comes face to face with a random stranger called Jakob. While several clues hint to the fact that Jakob isn’t safe, she can’t help falling for him.

However, as they leave the island, it becomes evident that Jakob has played her, and that he is holding back on many secrets. Is he the mastermind behind the abduction? Suddenly, Bianca fears that back home there is no one left she can fully trust…

What I loved about this book:

  • Interesting storyline, albeit poorly executed

What I felt needed improvement:

  • Very messy execution of the storyline
  • The book is prone to stalling, and some statements get repeated over and over again
  • Too much drama
  • Heroine is too naive and seems to have no brains or resolve

First of all, please note that Disillusioned is the sequel to Illusion and should not be read as a standalone. There is also a novella in this series called Charade. This will help you understand the whole story a bit more, but it’s not essential to fully understanding what’s going on.

I had read both books before Disillusioned, and while I had some concerns around the first book Illusion, I still liked the storyline, and the cliffhanger at the end of that book had me feverishly waiting for Disillusioned to hit my Kindle shelf.

Unfortunately, with this book, I was faced with the same disappointing conclusions I drew with Swept Away: the book’s pace is annoyingly slow and the whole story is prone to stalling. The book really didn’t move on until it hit 30% because up until then, there was just pointless arguing between Bianca and Jakob. And even after hitting that mark, the pace was absolutely killing.

There was an annoying overuse of the word “trust” that made me feel like every second page of the book was redundant. In the end I was sick of reading those same sentences over again: “I can’t trust you”; “Trust me Bianca”; ” You can’t trust anyone”; “I don’t want to trust you”; “How could I ever trust you” and so on and so forth… And as soon as Bianca starts trusting a person, there’s someone else giving her a call/text/visit/letter that says “Don’t trust this person” and Bianca’s drama factor is on overdrive (again).

Also, I just couldn’t get Bianca. Out of all the characters, she was the one that bugged me the most. I could understand Jakob, Blake and yes, even David – they felt plausible. But Bianca was so completely clueless  and hysteric. And what killed me most was that she sometimes lacked brains or basic reasoning capabilities. In one phrase she’s talking to herself, saying she can’t ever be with Jakob because he’s not who he pretends to be, and the next phrase she’s in bed with him. Her whole “playing detective” thing totally backfired in everything she does because she simply has no resolve.

When I look at the big picture, the storyline does seem enticing (with a lot of twists and turn here and there) and the intrigue actually seems plausible, but the execution here was plain bad. The writing was way too confusing and the whole book held way too much drama which completely overshadowed the intrigue (and actually made it difficult to understand).

I have extremely mixed feelings about the next books in the series. While I really strongly disliked Disillusioned and was about to file a DNF at around 40% (believe me, I never struggled so much with finishing a book), I still wanted to know more about how the story ends. And now I am left with a killer cliffhanger. So, as sadistic as it sounds, I might actually consider reading part three to find out where this story is heading, even though I know I might hate reading this book. Weird, huh?

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