Do Not Disturb (Deanna Madden #2) by Alessandra TorreDo Not Disturb by Alessandra Torre
Published April 2015
Series: Deanna Madden #2
Genres: Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
Format: eBook
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1. Don't leave the apartment.
2. Never let anyone in.
3. Don't kill anyone.

The rules were simple and I broke them.
Now I must face the consequences.
Everyone else must face me.

Do Not Disturb, like the many Alessandra Torre (and Deanna Madden) books before it, is a total mindfuck. Everything about Deanna Madden, the main character, is just twisted. If you read the first book in the series called The Girl in 6E, you know that she is locked inside of her apartment because of her sociopath tendencies and her craving desire to kill – so in order to not get into trouble, she locks herself away from other people. What’s more – as if her “issue” wasn’t weird enough – she’s a successful business manager, marketing her pornographic webcam persona Jessica like a professional. Until another type of (unfinished) business is claiming her attention, and forcing her to leave her apartment to take care of it.

Needless to say that you get put on a rollercoaster ride where you can’t really identify the emotions that flow through your brain. That’s just how great Alessandra Torre’s writing is. Her style is unique and re-invented with every book. In Do Not Disturb, she chose to use a first person writing for Deanna’s thoughts, who alternate with the third person thoughts of someone else. Who this someone else is, is definitely up for speculation and something that the reader will have to piece together carefully throughout the book. Needless to say, there’s not a boring passage in this book and the suspense is just sizzling!

As much as I came to love Deanna for how tough and badass of a character she is, I also gained particular interest in Jeremy, who is far from Deanna’s bad-assitude, but who has very endearing character traits of his own.

The only thing I want now, is to see if and how Deanna manages to get a shot at “real” life, and hopefully this real life will involve Jeremy. But I guess I won’t need to wait for answers for too long, since If You Dare, the third book in the series, has already been released!

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Overall: five-stars