Echoes of Scotland Street (On Dublin Street #5) by Samantha YoungEchoes of Scotland Street by Samantha Young
Published October 2014
Series: On Dublin Street #5
Genres: New Adult
Format: eBook
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Shannon MacLeod has always gone for the wrong type of man. After she drifted from one toxic relationship to the next, her last boyfriend gave her a wakeup call in the worst possible way. With her world shattered, she’s sworn off men—especially those of the bad-boy variety.

Cole Walker is exactly the sort that Shannon wants to avoid—gorgeous, tattooed, charming, and cocky. But his rough exterior hides a good man who’s ready to find “the one.” He’s determined to pull Shannon from her self-imposed solitude and win her heart.

As Shannon opens up in the face of Cole’s steady devotion, the passion between them ignites to blazing levels. But when Shannon’s past comes back to haunt her, her fears may destroy the trust Cole has built between them—and tear them apart for good…

Shannon McLeod left a past she’d rather forget behind her in Glasgow, and moved to Edinburgh with the hopes of starting over. She finds a job as a receptionist at a renowned tatto studio, but soon finds out that her manager is none other than Cole Walker, who she had a brief 10-minute encounter with years ago.

Cole never forgot about the redhead he met all that time ago sitting on her grandmother’s porch and waiting for her boyfriend, and wants to explore this connection further. But Shannon has seen enough of his type: tall, toned and tattooed bad boys are what she is trying to avoid at any cost and she pushes Cole back any way she can. Will Cole be able to earn her trust and get her to open up to him?

Just like many Samantha Young fans before me, I was anxious to read the new book in the Dublin Street series, part in a good way (because I love Samantha Young) and part in a bad way, because the one before that was a bit of a disappointment. But Echoes of Scotland Street got the Samantha Young vibe back in the series and it ended up to be an enjoyable read if you can close an eyes on a few caveats.

Well, I am not going to lie to you. I was hooked from the start by this book, which nowadays is unfortunately quite rare. The anticipation around finding out more about Shannon and her past was tremendous, as was the whole underlying sexual tension between her and Cole, which ultimately led to some seriously steamy scenes.

However, two things put me off and explain why this book deserves only 4 and not 5 stars in my rating. The first one being the story itself: indeed, there was some suspense and anticipation in the book, but it wasn’t long-lived, and in my opinion, the story just remained quite flat. Shannon’s issues are basically what give the whole story an intrigue. But we discover the intrigue early on in the book and the situation never really evolves, until one day, out of the blue, it gets resolved in less than 2 chapters. Whatever else happens throughout the story is minor and doesn’t hold actual consequences. Sure, it’s a hot and romantic story, but I would have appreciated a more elaborate intrigue just to live things up a bit.

The second thing that put me off about Echoes of Scotland Street was that it was quite cheesy in some part. Samantha Young like to involve other characters from the series in the story, which is not only confusing sometimes, but also becomes really annoying when all those people with their happy endings, sexy husbands and tons of adorable children come barging in and try to meddle to give Cole his own happy ending. It just felt too unreal to have Cole and Shannon surrounded by perfect beautiful couples.

But other than that, you will definitely fall in love with Cole’s character, who looks like a player with his hot body and tattoos, but who is actually a perfect book boyfriend. And the book is definitely enjoyable, so there’s no harm done by the negative points listed. The next book in the series is about Shannon’s brother Logan, and when you read the blurb, you’ll notice it’s a true Samatha Young story in the making there, so I’ll definitely pick this one up too as soon as it gets released.

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5 Stars
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