In Heat by Patty LowensIn Heat by Patty Lowens
Published May 2013
Genres: Dark Romance
Format: eBook
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Katherine Holmes is a detective looking for fun while doing the best she can at her job. Her ex-husband constantly wants her but she wants to move on deep inside.. will she be able to?

Well, what can I say when I just feel like I have been waisting 90 minutes of my life on a really, really bad book?

I found this on Amazon for free yesterday, on the top Erotic Romance listing on #1. The reviews were good, so I thought I would just give it a go. Thankfully, it was free, because in all honesty, I couldn’t imagine anyone paying for this. I actually felt like readers should be paid to read this.

It is a very short story moving at a very fast pace and telling you about it would be really a spoiler, so don’t read on if you want to “experience” this book for yourself.

Anyway… Katherine Holmes is a detective and sent on an undercover assignment in order to dismantle a drug cartel in Tucson, Arizona. Katherine likes her job and chose this path because of her father, who was a detective as well, and who got lost on a similar assignment when she was just a kid. Now, she is looking for answers. And she is willing to do whatever (or whomever!) it takes to dismantle the drug cartel. After all, she is being sent undercover to get close and personal with Javier Rodriquez, an important actor in that scene.

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So, she is totally determined to live out her sexual fantasies undercover and has tons of sex. And even wants more. Honestly, all of this was pretty disgusting, and highly distasteful. She has unsafe sex with total strangers and it seems as if she relies on “coitus interruptus” to avoid getting pregnant.
But hey, just read by yourself:
“Fucking was fun and she didn’t care if he was a murderer.”
“The men had lust in their eyes. She smiled as she thought about them lining up and pleasing her one by one.”

Obviously, her being undercover doesn’t work out and the whole assignment blows up in less than 2 days. Needless to say the story is paced in a very strange way. In just 2 days, she has all that sex, and in just 2 days, she falls in love with Donovan, who rescues her when it all blows up. Oh and did I mention that deep inside, Katherine wants a family and at 25, she dreams of being married and having children? So… to “cater those needs” Donovan agrees to get her pregnant asap and proposes to her 2 weeks after they met. Duh!

I just felt utter disgust reading about that, and especially when Katherine thought to herself that she really wanted the baby to be Donovan’s, but having had sex with 3 men she was unsure. Really? Man, come to think about the STD and all that crap!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to have a very feminine (and feminist character) working a “male” job and having fun f*cking around, but either you want to have fun and f*ck around recklessly or you want to get settled and have a family. Just not both!

And that’s not the only thing! If only the writing wasn’t so utterly bad! The sex scenes are the worst I’ve ever read and the is a total overuse of “she felt“. She always feels as… feels when… feels him… feels it… I mean come on – have you ever hear of paraphrasing? This whole book is full of repetition and badly lacks in paraphrasing! What’s more, there is a total lack of punctuation (especially commas!) and some words are even missing or totally misspelled.
“There bodies intertwined…”
“You told me you could help me get cliental.”
“Will you be able to figure out there big plans?”
“Nodding she made her way in and say Chief Walker”
 (I later figured out say was actually saw…)

Yeah so I guess you get it – don’t waste you time on this book!

Oh and last but not least, since Katherine Holmes wonders whose baby it is she’s carrying, I leave you with that wonderful quote…
“Can we take a fraternity test?”

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