Lev (Shot Callers #1) by Belle AuroraLev by Belle Aurora
Published October 2015
Series: Shot Callers #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
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From the moment Lev Leokov spots the young woman hiding behind her hair in the middle of the gentleman's club, he can't take his eyes off of her.
For the very first time in his life, he is affected. Having been told his entire life that he can't process or understand emotion, he considers it a big deal.

When Mina Harris gets caught red-handed with a wallet that isn't hers, she falls apart. She's tired, lonely and hasn't eaten in days.

Lev offers her an ultimatum... A nice warm bed, a hot meal and a job, or the cops.

Mina takes her chances with Lev.
After all, a person with nothing has nothing left to lose.

Lev was definitely not my first Belle Aurora book – I knew from previous books that a sexy, romantic story with loads of fun was guaranteed, and this first Shot Callers novel with the fantastic hot cover did not disappoint.

Lev is the story of Mina Harris, who had been living on the streets for 7 years before she was caught stealing his brother’s wallet by Lev Leokov – that’s when she unexpectedly became his responsibility. The whole single-line plot outline sounds a bit cheesy, but the story itself is so much better given that Mina is a wonderful character with a big heart, and that Lev – contrary to what appears – is an extremely sweet and shy guy, who is borderline autistic.

“I was coming to recognize that Lev Leokov was an open book. I only needed to discover the language in which his pages were written.”

As expected, there were some very sweet moments in this book: it was absolutely lovely to witness how Mina aka Lev’s “mouse” crawled her way into Lev’s heart and made him open up – even though he was pretty much in denial of their mutual attraction at the beginning of the book. So in all subtlety, Mina does her best to coax Lev’s feelings out, which – given his condition – was sometimes quite funny and endearing. I just wish she didn’t call him “sweetie” all the time: it was so annoying because it felt like she was treating him like a little dog or silly kid.

But anyway, Mina also has to make friend’s with Lev’s (extended) family. And while her humour and self-deprecation works well with Lev’s sister Nastasia, she still has a long way to go with his brother Sasha who sees her as the ultimate gold-digger. Interestingly, the book was written in alternating points of view, but most of it really came from Mina’s POV. But that didn’t make the book (or the nice steamy scenes) any less enjoyable.

And without wanting to go into too much detail and spoil too much of the book, I can tell you that there’s also a lot of drama involved. There are actually several different dramas and unexpected twists going on twards the second half of the book. Some may say it is too much (and I may agree with them), but it felt okay in the overall pace of the book.

“No one had the right to touch my mouse. I found her, and I was keeping her.”

More importantly, I just devoured Lev because it never got boring. All the side-characters present in the book (some more loveable than others) bring a lot of additional color to the story and whet your appetite for a series sequel.

All in all, I really recommend you give Lev by Belle Aurora a try! I got this one “for free” with my KindleUnlimited subscription.


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