Mannequin (Mannequin #1) by Olivia BestMannequin by Olivia Best
Published March 2013
Series: Mannequin #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
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From afar, Elodie Marais is just a typical 19-year old girl roughing it in Manhattan. She hates her job, her love life sucks and she's totally getting ripped off by her landlord. Like most of her starry-eyed peers, she'll do anything for the Triple P's - Prada, a Promotion and the elusive Perfect Boyfriend.

But Elodie and her friends aren't your average new adults who are bored to tears by their uninspiring lives—they're fashion models. So what's a girl to do when her life is turned upside down as two irresistible bachelors vie for her doe-eyed attention, just as she's starting to make waves in the modeling world? Will she go with charming and sensitive James, a handsome financier, or reckless and unpredictable Tyler, the stunning male model du jour?

Immerse yourself in this stylish world as you follow Elodie on her journey of self-discovery and romance. Who knows? Maybe you'll even walk in on a sexy scene or two.

I discovered Mannequin by Olivia Best via Amazon, when I was browsing for new books to add to my collection. It was on sale at that time, I believe, and I thought “why not?”. As you can see, the plot is very different from what I tend to read and to review, but I was somehow interested by the “modelling experience” and by how it would be described.

So basically, Elodie Marais is a young french orphan with a broken childhood, since she grew up living in an orphanage. At least she has Felix, her teenage boyfriend, but unfortunately he breaks her heart and the young 14-year old child is left with nothing. That’s when she decides to actually take matters in her own two hands and decides she wants to become a model. So immediately, she picks up the phone and calls the agent that scouted her months ago.

Later on, and with only fifteen years in age, she is drawn into the modelling world, with all its good and mostly bad sides. This universe is challenging, hard to cope with and not gratifying enough – even the pay is bad, since there’s  nothing left but debts once the agency and bookers get their share. Still, Elodie stays strong and tries hard to breakthrough, even if in the end, she feels more miserable moments than happy ones.

She has the (more than) casual encounters with directors, photographers and other male models to help her with her bookings. However, she starts developing some kind of affection – beyond attraction – to Tyler,  whom she meets in New York. But soon, she meets James Campbell, a Wall Street guy, who starts chasing after her for more than her looks and strangely, she feels even more connected to him than she feels with Tyler. However, James doesn’t want to rush things and seduces her with food (ironically) rather than with sex… while Tyler keeps knocking on her door too.

This book was written in a third-person narration, but from Elodie’s point of view and with a more or less deep insight into her mind and feelings. For the first chapter, it was very hard for me to adapt to this style. And with the french background going on, in the first chapter I felt like was reading some kind of 19th century book. I’m not a fan of 3rd person, because it always feels so distant, but in this case, it brought the objectivity that is needed to describe the harsh world of fashion and it’s awful drawbacks. This whole dimension was very interested to read about and made the books feel very real.

Other than that, it might have been a very short read, but none the less enjoyable. Different, but enjoyable. Not too much sex-based, but more there to tell a story and describe the path that many teenage girls choose despite their young age. The book is also based on some kind this love triangle that is going on between Elodie, Tyler and James, and on being with someone from another world rather than with someone from your own universe.

I give this books 3 stars since it is a short and easy read without going too much into details. It could deserve 4 stars, but compared to other books I read which had more rafinesse, I had to give it 3.

There is a huuuge unexpected cliffhanger in the end of Mannequin, which only leads you to ask for more. The rest of the story can be read in Mannequin Entre, which I shall tell you about shortly.

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Overall: three-stars