No One Looks Good in Leather Pants by Penny ReidNo One Looks Good in Leather Pants by Penny Reid
Published February 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
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After a dateless year further to being dumped by her ex-boyfriend on Valentine's Day, Mary I. Harris grips the bulls by the horn and sets herself up on a blind date via e-mail. The guy she writes to has been recommended by her friend Emily.

To make sure he recognizes her, she tells him that she'll be the girl wearing leather pants... Except the guy that eventually shows up is not who she thinks he is!

This free micro-short-story can be found on Nocturnal Book Reviews, and it’s more a teaser than anything else, but enjoyable nonetheless!

Even in as little as 1,000 words, the characteristic Penny Reid charm is there and it’s undeniable. I honestly wish this will not just remain a tease but actually become a book, because I’d die to find out who the misterious blind date is, and I already know Mary would make a great main character!

I’m substracting 1 star for the major cliffhanger, though – because I can’t wait to find out more!