One Night With a Billionaire (The Billionaire’s Obsession #5.5) by J.S. ScottOne Night With a Billionaire by J.S. Scott
Published August 2014
Series: The Billionaire's Obsession #5.5
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
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My name is Hope Sinclair, and I’m a liar. I’ve deceived everyone, including my own brothers, in an effort to hide what I do and who I really am. It’s not that I don’t want to be honest, but I really have no choice.

I thought I was strong, that I was doing fine, until I saw Jason Sutherland last New Year’s Eve, and he stripped me bare in more ways than one. Jason is everything I want, but a man I can never have. We’ve known each other most of our lives, but I’ve avoided him since I turned eighteen because I know he’s dangerous to me, to my façade.

Turns out…I was right. After our night together last New Year’s Eve, I haven’t been able to forget him, or the way he set my body on fire. I crave Jason like an addictive drug now, that fateful night haunting me still.

Is my One Night With a Billionaire going to be my downfall…or my salvation?

I read One Night With A Millionaire as part of the follow-up book Billionaire Unmasked. It is basically the start of Hope Sinclair and Jason Sutherland‘s story. Hope hasn’t seen Jason in ages, and after years, they finally meet again at a New Year’s Eve party – and spend one night together. But what about the fact that Hope is getting married soon?

It was an interesting short story (took me maybe 15 minutes to read) but it could have been an opening chapter to the actual book rather than a separate novella marked as such. There wasn’t much to read about apart from a steamy encounter and a cliffhanger, so make sure you don’t get a separate version of this sort story but the actual book were this is included!

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3 Stars
3 Stars
3 Stars
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Overall: three-stars