Platinum (All That Glitters #3) by K.A. LindePlatinum by K.A. Linde
Published February 2016
Series: All That Glitters #3
Genres: New Adult
Format: eARC

Note: I was granted an advanced reader's copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my rating or the content of my review.

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Cheating is my hard limit.

The only thing I truly fear.

My heart was shattered once before, and I swore it would never happen again. This time I chose the safe guy who wouldn’t destroy me. Turns out…they don’t exist.

So when the sexiest Brit I’ve ever met dances right into my life, I offer him a one night stand. No strings attached. My perfect rebound, with zero chance of betrayal. It’s everything I hoped for. But he demands more than I’m willing to give.

I refuse to be fooled again, because I know a man I can count on is rarer than… Platinum.

Platinum was my first book by K.A. Linde, and I have graciously been granted an ARC of this title through Goodreads.

Platinum is the story of Trihnity Hamilton (aka Trihn), a fashion design student and ex-model, with a bad history of being cheated on by her boyfriends of the past. Incidentally, straight after her latest breakup, she meets sexy Brit Damon Stone, who regularly DJs at a club Trihn and her friends like to frequent. Damon is coming on to her very strongly, forcing her to set her fears of commitment aside – that is until Damon unexpectedly becomes the popular DJ touring with the hottest pop act in the country, Chloe Avana. Will history repeat itself for Trihn?

As explained before, I wasn’t familiar with K.A. Linde or the All That Glitters book series before reading Platinum. But that wasn’t a problem at all, since this book can easily be read as a standalone. I understand that many of the characters that come up in Platinum had been featured earlier on in the series, and their story is skilfully hinted to in this title. The author gave just enough information to understand everyone’s situation without clouding the main story around Trihn and Damon.

And well, this story was… interesting to say the least. It was obviously filled with drama. And I mean: a lot. Perhaps a little too much, even. And even though I liked both main characters, because they both seemed quite peculiar, I didn’t really appreciate the setting of the story at all.

The story would have been plausible if Damon suddenly hit fame, and Trihn and her group of friends had to deal with the adjustments of that. But the whole “posse” actually bathes in glitter and glamour. One of Trihn’s friend is a movie-star and her father is a famous director, another friend is super wealthy and only dates draft-worthy quarterbacks. Trihn herself comes from a wealthy family, with her father being a fashion photographer and her mother a fashion magazine editor.

In other words, it is quite difficult to relate to the characters in this story, because they are so far removed from normal life. Their whole scene and and their behaviours are very plastic. And aside from the passion for the things they do, the characters do not show much intellect, which is sad. The whole book felt very much like a New Adult version of Sex and the City. And the plot was unfortunately too predictable.

So all in all, I wasn’t very excited by this book, and will probably not go back to discovering the previous books in the All That Glitters series. But that being said, I like the author’s writing and would consider reading other K.A Linde books with less “new-adulty” plots.

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