Ready For You (Ready #3) by J.L. BergReady For You by J.L. Berg
Published May 2014
Series: Ready #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
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A second chance at first love.

Eight years ago, Garrett Finnegan’s world shattered the day Mia vanished from his life. He’s been struggling to pick up the pieces ever since. Haunted by memories and ghosts of the past, he chooses a solitary existence rather than risk his heart again.

Mia Emerson has made one wrong decision after another but none worse than walking away from the boy who stole her heart so long ago. When her new life is turned upside down, she finds herself returning to her roots and the hometown she left behind. Maybe now she can find a way to heal from the devastating mistakes of her past.

When a chance encounter brings these former lovers together, passion reignites in a way neither is prepared for. Can Garrett move beyond his anger and find a way to forgive? Will Mia’s insecurities and fears cause her to once again flee the life she’s destined to live?

Garrett and Mia will soon discover that they must journey into the past to find their way home.

Garret Finnegan’s heart is forever lost to his long-term girlfriend, school sweetheart and fiancé Mia Emerson, who vanished from his life eight years ago. He’s been struggling to pick up the pieces ever since, drowning himself in work in order to get by and try to forget what could have been.

However, Mia Emerson suddenly re-appears in his hometown, and his world is turned upside down again. Rather than feeling anger towards her, the old flame ignites again and he is determined to do what he can to find out why she left him all those years ago, and how to get her back into his life.

Ready for You is book #3 in the Ready Series by J.L. Berg, which I highly recommend, and so I automatically grabbed Ready for You as soon as I was done with book #2. Unfortunately, I don’t find it as good as the rest of the series. Don’t get me wrong: J.L. Berg has a mean story telling with lots of emotions behind it, as well as a perfect writing flow, but I just wasn’t in sync with the story itself.

First of all, why did Mia come back to her hometown of Richmond, when she wanted to avoid Garrett? The fact that her best friend lives there isn’t reason enough to make the move, in my humble opinion. I mean come on: she moves to Richmond permanently in a heartbeat, but is freaked out by the idea of spending 2 days in New York where her parents live!

And also, how come Garrett was not majorly angry at Mia for what he did to her? He feels semi-angry at some points in the story, but never as angry as you would expect someone who got ditched for no apparent reason to be. All he can think about it getting her back!

And even though the story finished with a HEA and all, let’s think about what Mia did to Garret in the first place, and in a more than reckless way! Never in 8 years did she think about coming clean to him, never did she care that he could be in just as dark a place as the one she is/was in. I don’t think Mia was a bad or reckless person, but she definitely doesn’t seem mature enough – at least not as mature as Garrett is.

All in all, I am afraid I need to say that this story is predictable, and no actual major events happen to give the story some kind of adrenaline spike, and in the end it is just a cute second-chance love story about 2 people who need some time to realize that they’re it for one another.

I’m a bit disappointed by that one, but will still read upcoming releases from J.L. Berg as I love her writing!