Ready To Wed (Ready #1.5) by J.L. BergReady To Wed by J.L. Berg
Published June 2014
Series: Ready #1.5
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
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“You are my family, my future and my forever.”

After a long road filled with trials and tears, they’ve finally made it to the other side—a place where beginnings are made. Life is always an uphill journey, but together, they are ready for anything.

Be there when Clare Murray becomes Mrs. Logan Matthews…

Ready To Wed is a sweet and short novella about Clare and Logan Matthews, and more precisely about the wedding they organised in less than a week in St Thomas. Needless to say that you will have want to read the original book, When You’re Ready, before reading this wonderful little epilogue.

It didn’t bring much to the story, but it was a nice addition to When You’re Ready, even though chronologically, Ready To Wed happens before the events of the When You’re Ready epilogue. Sounds confusing, but trust me, it’s not.

Just as the first book, Ready To Wed is written in a charming dual-POV and extremely romantic, without being too cheesy. It’s definitely worth checking out. I bought it at $0.64 on the Kindle store (due to oversea delivery charges, since I am not US based), and it’s a real bargain for an enjoyable 1-hour read.

I was especially surprised to find out that there was another novella embedded at the very end of Ready To Wed, called Never Been More Ready, and which actually relates to Leah – Clare’s best friend – and Declan – Logan’s best friend.

Just let me start off by saying that this one was just as enjoyable as Ready To Wed, but beware, you need to have read the 2nd book in the Ready series, called Never Been Ready, or else you’ll be subject to massive spoilers.

So I basically stopped at the end of Ready To Wed, started reading Never Been Ready, and then went back to Never Been More Ready. Confusing? A tad… but it was also extremely enjoyable!