Resist (Resist #1) by Lilly AvalonResist by Lilly Avalon
Published August 2014
Series: Resist #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Office Romance
Format: ARC

Note: I was granted an advanced reader's copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my rating or the content of my review.

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Allegra Maxwell is sick of the monotony of life. It's all work and no play, and right now she wants to play. She shows up at her company's yearly meeting with one goal in mind: have a one night stand with a stranger. What she doesn't count on is Devlin Pierce walking through the door.

When Allegra first met Devlin, she knew he would be nothing but trouble. After he proved her theory true last year, she made a vow to avoid him at all costs. He's the last person she wants to see, and he knows it. He refuses to leave her alone though. As much as she tries to fight it, the pull he has on her is undeniable. Her ability to resist him proves impossible when Devlin makes her an offer she can't refuse.

Allegra Maxwell has had her fair share of dates and is resigned to believe that true love is not in her cards. But she has needs no battery-operated boyfriend can ever satisfy on the long run so she decides that the night of her company dinner, she’ll just have no-strings attached with a stranger. But when she lays her eyes Devlin Pierce, with whom she’d shared uncomfortable moment the year before, she knew he would be trouble. Especially when he offers her to have that night of no-strings-attached fun with him.

What I loved about this book:

  • It was okay, but there was nothing I really loved about this book

What I felt needed improvement:

  • Way too short
  • Really boring and unexciting storyline
  • Shallow characters

I was granted Resist as an ARC via Goodreads. I generally never check out an ARC’s Goodreads page when I receive it, because I don’t want other reviews to bias me. I just liked the blurb, so I went straight to the book. And Resist actually turned out to be a novella. A serial-novella. I really hadn’t anticipated this and was wondering why the heck, every turn page brought me 1% closer to completion. In the end, when I reached 100% after 40 minutes of reading, I had my answer, and came to the conclusion that Resist was not for me. It’s not the kind of serial novella “pilot” that makes you want to stick to reading the next part because I didn’t find the characters enticing, nor was the storyline.

There’s some hint of an intrigue in this book, where you actually wonder what bad things Devlin could have done to Allegra before their unexpected meeting at the company event, but this “intrigue” quickly vanished with a more than shallow explanation. Just as shallow as the whole seduction process between the two.

Devlin definitely is way to insistent, which has a very fake and unrealistic feel to it. He showers her with compliments as if they’ve known each other for ever. Then he coaxes her into admitting she loves him…

And the author probably wanted Allegra to look like to open-minded self-sufficient girl looking for fun, when in reality she came across like someone naive and without resolve. Sure, she tries to get out of Devlin’s way, but doesn’t do so very hard.

“You know Allegra, you need to stop assuming the worst about guys based on what you’ve seen in the movies. Not all of us are assholes. Some are just curious.”

Yeah so in the end, 50% of the book (literally) is just one big steamy sex scene. You’ll say “great!”, but really it’s not when the book doesn’t hold any hint of an enticing storyline…

There weren’t any big issues in with the writing, although I must say that the sample size was rather small. I did however criticise the numerous line-breaks in the very middle of a sentence, which hopefully will get corrected.

All in all, this book did not at all woo me and I not the least bit tempted to pick up the upcoming books in the series.

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