Review Requests

I purchase 90% of the books I review but if you want to send an ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) for me to read and review, you are more than welcome to do so – whether you are an indie or a published author.

My reviews are posted on, then circulated on Goodreads, posted on Amazon (provided your book is published and listed there) and last but not least, all my reviews are also published on the blog’s Facebook page. In summary, your book will benefit from extensive online-coverage.

I am currently open to review following types of books

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Chick Lit
  • Young Adult
  • New Adult
  • Dark/Dramatic Romance

Apart from the fact that I do not review paranormal or historical romance, I am not picky, and love to try a bit of everything! The more unexpected, the better!

A few notes about how I handle R&Rs (Read & Reviews)

  • I will not review every book you submit: if from the synopsis you provided, I doubt that I will like your book, I will very likely not accept to read it.
  • If I do accept reading and reviewing your book, please note that I will endeavour to do it within the 3-4 next weeks.
  • I will release the review of the book as soon as I am done reading it, unless you ask me not to publish the review before the release date.
  • Know that I will post the review regardless of whether my final rating is good or not.
  • I do not accept any form of payment from authors or publishers for reviews, other than the gift of the book I am asked to review.
  • If you ask me to review a book that’s part of a series, I’d very much appreciate it if you could let me have the previous books in the series, or any upcoming releases!

If all of the above statements work for you, please feel free to submit your Review Request using the form below!

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