Sincerely, Arizona by Whitney Gracia WilliamsSincerely, Arizona by Whitney Gracia Williams
Published September 2015
Genres: New Adult
Format: eBook
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Just friends.
We’re just friends.
No, wait. We’re no longer just best friends…

This is the previously unpublished epilogue for Sincerely, Carter.

This is just a quick review given the fact that this is a short story !

Sincerely, Arizona is basically an extended epilogue to Sincerely, Carter, a book which I already reviewed here.

It is true that the latter totally deserved an epilogue because it had quite an abrupt ending. So Sincerely, Arizona was a really nice ending (or beginning) of Carter and Arizona’s story. However, read as a standalone, it was definitely lacking. I read the main book months ago and had trouble finding my way back into the characters and what had happened. And then, it was just a bit silly and unrealistic what happened (let’s say that it came with a very extravagant and expensive proposal).

I don’t know why this epilogue wasn’t added to the main book. It would have made much more sense for the author to integrate these couple of chapters to the main book from the start, as the story would had more impact that way. And sold separately, Sincelery, Arizona is just an ending to a story you had disconnected from way too long ago. 

But then again, it is free, so this a huge plus. And anyone who decides to read the “pre-quel” should just go and get the epilogue from the start. Oh wait, hold on… I just checked Amazon and the author added this to the main book already, so you’re good to go. But ugh – how confusing!