Slip Of The Tongue by Jessica HawkinsSlip Of The Tongue by Jessica Hawkins
Published Jessica Hawkins
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Format: eARC

Note: I was granted an advanced reader's copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my rating or the content of my review.

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Sadie Hunt isn’t perfect—but her husband is. Nathan Hunt has her coffee waiting every morning. He holds her hand until the last second. He worships the Manhattan sidewalk she walks on. Until one day, he just…stops. And Sadie finds herself in the last place she ever expected to be. Lonely in her marriage.

When rugged and sexy Finn Cohen moves into the apartment across the hall, he and Sadie share an immediate spark. Finn reveals dreams for a different life. Sadie wants to save her marriage. Their secrets should keep them apart, not ignite a blistering affair. But while Sadie’s marriage runs colder by the day, she and Finn burn hotter.

Her husband doesn’t want her anymore.
The man next door would give up everything to have her.

I was granted an ARC copy of this title via Netgalley.

Slip Of The Tongue is the story of Sadie Hunt. She’s the one that everyone envies because she married a loving and supportive husband, and because her marriage looks like straight from a fairytale. But more and more, she seems to think that this is only a facade for the outside world. her husband Nathan increasingly withdraws from their relationship. Granted, he’s going through a tough time as his father is suffering from terminal stage cancer, but Sadie can’t understand why he wouldn’t use her as her support system.

“Right now, I am alone in my marriage. It is a first for me.”

And when attractive neighbour Finn Cohen moves into the apartment next door, Sadie can’t help but notice the same look and aura of loneliness coming from him. She is automatically drawn to him, and Finn, although fully aware that Finn is married, is coming on to her quite aggressively.

I am not generally a fan of love-triangle/cheating stories. And Slip Of The Tongue is definitely one. But still, I really, really liked this read, even though I didn’t necessarily agree with some of the characters’ behaviour or reactions. I especially disliked the fact that – instead of facing her issues head-on – Sadie let herself blur her mind with suspicions, and use Finn as an outlet.

I liked this read because it was brought on a varied set of emotions all at once: it made me sad, frustrated, intrigued, and I sympathized with Sadie as much as I wanted to tell her off for acting so selfishly at times. This book came with so many unexpected twists which I don’t want to reveal because reading this book is an experience on its own, however much you may hate love-triangle relationships.

I am not quite sure if the ending of the book was realistic at all (probably not), but the writing (as much as the reading experience) was definitely something else!

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