It’s a Wonderful Tangled Christmas Carol (Tangled #4.5) by Emma ChaseIt's a Wonderful Tangled Christmas Carol by Emma Chase
Published November 2015
Series: Tangled #4.5
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
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After a blowout fight with Kate about his workaholic habits sends Drew to the office in anger on Christmas Eve, he falls asleep at his desk. There, three lovely holiday spirits magically visit him to teach him that every moment is precious and that he should never take his family for granted. But when he wakes up, will he just write it off as a dream?

As you would guess from the title, It’s a Wonderful Tangled Christmas Carol is a Christmas themed short story and Tangled spin-off, so my review will be equally short.

We all know Drew Evans has his jerkish ways, and needs to be reminded of them ever so often by his wife Kate. Their son James is now 5 years old and the family is preparing for Christmas – well at least Kate is, and Drew is planning to spend Christmas Eve working on a deal for his company, leaving Kate disappointed.

In true Ebenezer Scrooge style, Drew gets a visit from his guardian angel and 3 “ghosts” who show him past, present and future. Of course, we all know how the story goes…

It’s a Wonderful Tangled Christmas Carol was a nice – albeit very short read, but I don’t think it was anything “special”. I was more than appalled by Drew’s behavior and carelessness to begin with (I didn’t like him before, so this didn’t help matters) and how the story rolled out was actually quite cheesy. There’s even a bonus scene that was left out in previous books, which pictures Drew’s proposal. Again, it was a nice add-on, but not mindblowing.

But hey, it was 99 cents on Amazon and a quick 30 minutes, so who am I to complain.

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