Tattoos & Tatas (Chocoholics #2.5) by Tara SivecTattoos & Tatas by Tara Sivec
Published October 2014
Series: Chocoholics #2.5
Genres: Romantic Comedy
Format: eBook
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Claire and Liz have always had a friendship that defied the test of time, but when one of them is diagnosed with a disease that every woman fears, their bond is put through the wringer. How do you cope knowing your soul mate could be taken from you?

Filled with memories of their life long friendship, inappropriate behavior, bad tattoos and shaving cats, the two friends will realize that laughter really is the best medicine.

Tattoos and TaTas is not your typical love story; it's a story of friendship and learning how to let go when something is beyond your control.

Tattoos & Tatas is a Chocoholics novella with characters from the Chocolate Lovers series. Sounds a bit confusing, and it probably will be to anyone who picks up this novella without having read the previous books in the series. But it’s not so difficult to comprehend: Tattoos & Tatas stars Liz and Claire, who are the founders and owners of Seductions and Snacks, the bakery/sex-toys venture that we see come to life during the Chocolate Lovers saga. In the new series Chocoholics, we hear about their children’s respective, embarrassing stories, but the merry crew of Liz, Claire, Jenny and their husbands is never far away.

So Tattoos & Tatas is, as the cover explicitly states, a book about breast cancer, and how it hits not just Liz, but also Claire, as her closest friend. I find it very noble that the author dedicated this book to breast cancer awareness, and therefore donated the proceeds of this books.

As far as the story itself goes, it was nice. Well, that is if you put apart the actual breast cancer that Claire is hit with, requiring her to go through a double mastectomy. I liked the fact that beyond that, we got to hear more about Liz and Claire, and how their friendship actually happened. Of course, the random and peculiar (and sometimes OTT) Tara Sivec humour never fails to make an appearance, which brings a lot of laughter to the table despite the dire circumstances.

I must admit I never rate novellas exceedingly high, just because I always feel like they don’t give me the satisfaction I get out of a full-length, non-cliffhanger novel. But the reason why I am not giving Tattoos & Tatas a full 5 star rating is because the main things this story focuses on in how devastated Liz is at the idea of seeing her friend suffering from cancer (the story is told from her POV entirely). I know any form of cancer is never easy, and that even those who are not a direct victim suffer from it – just like Liz does. But Liz just goes out of her way to ignore her best friend and that is just sad. Especially if you put yourself in Claire’s shoes.

There was a strong message in this book around how cancer sucks, and around fighting it with positive attitude and lots of laughter (which I strongly believe in), but I was just disappointed to learn that the main character in this book, the one that was supposed to adopt this attitude the first, was actually the last to do it, and made this disease more about herself than about her friend – the actual patient.

But hey, even though I did not agree with the MC, the book was still nice, and held a positive message. So if cancer is one of those touchy-feely subjects, this book at least won’t make you cry into your pillow (or if you do, it would be because of laughter).

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3.5 Stars
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Overall: three-half-stars