The Billionaire’s Salvation (The Billionaire’s Obsession #3) by J.S. ScottThe Billionaire's Salvation by J.S. Scott
Published September 2013
Series: The Billionaire's Obsession #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
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Billionaire Max Hamilton thought he was finally starting to find contentment, more than two years after losing his wife Mia in a tragic drowning accident.

He'd been reunited with a sister he hadn’t realized existed. Finally he had family again, a reprieve from the pain and loneliness that had haunted him since his devastating loss. Yeah…he was as happy as a man could be, considering he had lost the other half of his soul and most of his heart when fate had torn his wife away from him.

Or so he believed…until the day he rescued a mysterious woman in the park, a female who somehow had managed to reignite a part of him that he thought was long dead...
Suddenly, Max's protective, dominant, possessive male instincts flare to life, leaving him at a loss as to how lightning could possibly strike twice in one lifetime. Is he truly being given another chance at real happiness, or would it be dangled in front of him, only to be taken away once again?

Two hears after losing his wife further to what everyone believes was a drowning during a late night swim, Max Hamilton mourns Mia’s loss and is struggling to move on. That is until, at a party, he sport her, alive amongst the crowd. Yet, when comes running to get her, he causes her to fall head first onto the cement, causing her brain trauma and memory loss.

What happened during the last two years? Did Mia not want Max anymore and just left, or was she abducted? These questions a pushed to the back of Mia and Max’ mind as they get to know each other again and savour their second chance. But as soon as Mia recovers her memory, things are bound to change.

So… I bought this book automatically after having read other books from the Heart of the Billionaire series by J.S. Scott, which in my mind were fantastic: loveable characters, blissful plot (even though not the most enticing) and super steamy scenes.

Consequently, I have to admit that I was more then disappointed by The Billionaire’s Salvation, Max’s Story. First of all, the storyline was totally unrealistic. Don’t get me wrong: I am totally aware that this is a “Billionaire’s” series, so I was expecting some not-so-normal-plot, but here, the story just got out of hands. I don’t want to spoil it to you, so I won’t say much, but you’ll find out soon enough why Mia disappeared. And even though the idea of someone disappearing for 2 years and then showing up out of the blue sounded like a tempting plot, the whole anticipation was quickly crushed because the story was revealed too soon.

I also didn’t really bond with the characters, and last but not least, the great steamy scenes I am so used to when reading J.S. Scott were unfortunately scarce and not bar raising. So sorry folks, but this just didn’t cut it for me.

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