The Do It List by Jillian StoneThe Do It List by Jillian Stone
Published June 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: ARC

Note: I was granted an advanced reader's copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my rating or the content of my review.

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Hotshot copywriter Gracie Taylor-Scott has a reputation—for her artfully edgy ads. A rising star at Darcy Wexler Dean, New York, the long hours are perfect cover for Gracie’s fear of intimacy issues.
Great job. Great pay. No life—including her on again off again sex life. Then one night she is plunged into darkness with a handsome stranger.

Bradley Craig is the new head of DWD’s research division and this ad man has secrets of his own. Much lauded in his field of consumer behavior, there’s a darker side to the handsome, enigmatic ad man—his erotic list-maker side.

Gracie and Bradley are assigned to work on the biggest new business pitch Darcy Wexler Dean will be in all year and the two tangle immediately, battling copy concepts and focus group findings along with their explosive attraction to each other.

Bradley has a proposition––they make a list. Ten sexual encounters. No strings attached. What’s at stake? Two Super Bowl spots and two fragile hearts.

DNF at 10%

I will keep this review very short. Absolutely nothing appealed to me during the first chapters of The Do It List, and couldn’t get over how ridiculous the plot started out. The two characters meet in an elevator, and the elevator gets stuck (why, of course!). And just like that, out of the blue, the guy says he wants to get physical with the girl, and wouldn’t mind “checking a few things off his list with her”.

Cue: the Do-It List. The guy actually carries it around with him at all times and was able to produce it to the girl in an elevator. Yup, he shares his most intimate fantasies with a girl he just met. And just like that, not even 15 minutes into the conversation, they decide they want to get it on together and cross things off this list together. Starting with elevator-sex. Duh! How very unpredictable!

But really, there is no chemistry at all between the characters, at least not beyond the insta-lust the author wants us to believe in. And it wasn’t just the lack of chemistry and the ridiculously cliché’d storyline explaining how the characters met: it was also a poor writing.

There was a dire lack of punctuation, and the dialogue between the characters was so completely off because either you had no idea what they were talking about (or who was saying what), or they simply communicated in caveman speech, with no proper sentences.

I very rarely DNF books at such an early stage, but The Do It List was definitely not a book I believed was worth giving a second chance to. A writer has to be absolutely meticulous about how the beginning of his/her book, because it can make or break the reading experience. But here, considering how very little attention went into the first chapters, I doubted that the rest would be any better.

Sorry, but this one wasn’t for me…

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