The Other F-Word (In Other Words #2) by M.K. SchillerThe Other F-Word by M.K. Schiller
Published April 2014
Series: In Other Words #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Office Romance
Format: eBook
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Damien Wolfe is ferociously sexy. Emmie Mason is fastidiously stubborn. When fate brings them together, they are both challenged by the other F-word…forever.

Fashionable forty-four-year-old, Emmie Mason is content with her fastidious life. She has everything she needs in her loving family and friends. Her eldest daughter, Marley, has married the man of her dreams, and she has a new grandchild. What more could a woman ask for?

She isn’t prepared for fate to slap her in the face in the form of a bridal bouquet. Or worse, to run into the fantasy-inducing, eye-catching, panty-dropping, swoon-worthy man she’s been thinking about for over a year, even though they only danced together once.

As it turns out, thirty-year-old real estate mogul Damien Wolfe has been thinking about her too. Damien’s flirty, funny and forthright personality challenges Emmie and tilts her world. But it’s his kind soul and compassionate demeanor that really frighten her.

He’s easy to fall for, but how could she ever recover if she risked her heart to him? Can they both overcome their fears and commit to that other F-word…Forever?

After marrying off her second daughter and sending her third daughter off to college, Emmie Mason now has an empty nest. And while all her family (“adoptive sons” and son-in-laws included) fears that she might be lonely, they don’t know that Emmie – however young, sexy and fashionable she looks – is not looking for any commitment.

Yet, fate has any other plans for her, and she keeps on bumping into Damien Wolfe – real-estate billionaire and 15 years her junior – who, after 15 years of not dating, elicits quite a reaction from her. And he’s also quite infatuated with her, to the point of chasing her relentlessly.

While Damien and Emmie understand each other on a spiritual level, the reality is that they lead very different lives, and that they might have different expectations from each other. Will these differences keep them from finding their forever?

What I loved about this book:

  • The great side-characters
  • The hilarious banter

What I felt needed improvement:

  • The main characters both had annoying flaws
  • The age-difference put quite a damper on the story (sorry…)

As open-minded as I am, and as much as I loved Emmie’s big, extended family of weirdos, I had a little difficulty in accepting the age difference between Emmie and Damien. After all, she was 44 and he is 15 years younger. I know people will hate me and tell me that when it happens the other way around no-one ever bats an eye, but I probably had issues understanding how a love story can develop between those two when Emmie is more than established and leads a complex life.

Or maybe what was awkward was the fact that it didn’t make such a massive difference in anyone’s but their own lives: Emmie’s family was fine with it, her best friend too, and also Damien’s mother. In real life, I’m not quite sure the couple would have elicited such absolutely positive reactions – but I digress…

So… this book is not just about age difference, but it is also about fate (since somehow Emmie and Damien keep bumping into each other) and also an Office Romance since the two of them eventually meet again in a professional capacity. The Series’ Book #1 The Other C-Word and also The Do-Over (which is not part of this series, but also a book by the same author) revolve around office romance as well. This seem to be a recurring theme with M.K. Schiller – but I do not mind!

But in the end, most of the book is about their age difference and about whether or not Emmie and Damien have a future. Both characters have fears (and chapters in their life that led to them), but Damien was definitely more eager to get over those fears than Emmie. She wants to explore where this is going, but doubts are always in the back of her mind (does he really want her, and is this not just a fling?), which gives the couple some hard times. This was especially frustrating since Damien goes out of his way to make her understand that to him, age difference doesn’t matter, because that seems to be the only thing she’s hung up on.

“He loved me. I knew that. It wasn’t enough. He wanted those other F-words I couldn’t give him – a future, a family, a forever…”

Damien is actually relentless in pursuing her and literally begging Emmie to give him a chance. He’s hot, he’s sexy, he’s romantic, he knows how to seduce… and he’s a famous billionaire.

“Let me satisfy all your cravings with that special four-letter word that begins with F and will leave you completely sated.”

All in all, what’s there not to like about Damien? … Just the fact that at some point, he gets a tad annoying. As the relationship progresses, he starts to become super jealous and starts acting like a caveman. And then, when other factors enter the relationship-equation, his reactions are over the top, and kinda go against all the things he was fighting for. So in the end, there was a lot of sulking and back and forth involved, which strained the story quite a bit.

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While the interactions between the main characters were a bit frustrating at times, I was glad that the other characters in the book (cue Emmie’s quirky family and cohorts) were on top of their game and the cause for some hilarious banter, especially during dinner. Emmie’s surrogate sons and sons-in-law are absolutely hilarious, and I love the family’s “dish” sessions. M.K. Schiller’s writing is absolutely great and her ability to give life to characters is outstanding.

“I’m a girl. We love to torture ourselves. Sometimes it’s the only way we can find inner-peace.”
“Hmmm… No wonder I’m not interested in any of you.”

In summary, The Other F-Word was fun, flirty and a nice read altogether (with a couple a very enjoyable steamy scenes) – and with the added bonus of a really, really good playlist. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my favorite read from this author, but it will still guarantee you a good time.

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Overall: three-half-stars