The Party (The Proposition #0.5) by Katie AshleyThe Party by Katie Ashley
Published February 2014
Series: The Proposition #0.5
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
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Coming off a break-up with his latest “friend with benefits”, the last thing Aidan Fitzgerald needs is a family hassle about his bachelor status. But after standing up as godfather for his great-nephew, Mason, that’s just what he gets at the Christening Party. Escaping the wrath of his father and sisters, he wants nothing more than to get to the company Christmas party. There he knows he can knock back a few stiff drinks and find some new no-strings-attached girl to take home for the night.

The last thing Emma Harrison wants is to attend another party—least of all one at work. After throwing the annual life celebration for the anniversary of her fiancée, Travis’s, death with close friends, she’s finally gotten to the courage to take matters into her own hands and become a mother. Convincing her slightly inebriated best-friend, Connor, to be her sperm donor was a lot easier than she thought, and all that’s left now is to start the process. But at her best friend and w.. (Read more)

Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.

The Party by Katie Ashley is a really short novella which should be read only after having read The Proposition and The Party, in order to avoid spoilers even if this novella relates to events before the actual “prosposition”. It was a nice add-on the the author published for free, for those who crave for more Emma and Aidan, this beautiful couple which made things the other way around: first the baby, and then the love.

As I said before, it really is short, and unfortunately for those who were expecting to learn more about the main characters, it is too short to actually be “deep”. It mainly relates to Aidan’s godson’s christening and to the company Christmas party (hence the name of the novella) when Emma and Aidan actually “met” for the first time.

It is a very quick and nice read, giving a little more insight on the events before Aidan’s proposition to father Emma’s child, but it’s nothing that you don’t already know of after having read the two novels. This is why I am giving this only 3 stars, because it was fun and a nice addition, but not deep enough to give it 4 or more stars.

But for those who, just like me, loved reading the series, you will be happy to find out that the story will be “continued” by the end of year 2013, not featuring Emma and Aidan, but Alpesh and Megan. Exciting (and unexpected), right?

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