The Pitch (City Love #2) by Belinda WilliamsThe Pitch by Belinda Williams
Published May 2015
Series: City Love #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Office Romance
Format: ARC

Note: I was granted an advanced reader's copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my rating or the content of my review.

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She's in a long-term, committed relationship. With her business.

In three years Madeline Spencer has single-handedly grown her marketing agency, Grounded Marketing, into one of the country's fastest growing companies. But her success has been at the expense of her social life, and her girlfriends have had enough. They'll do whatever it takes, from speed dating to blind dates, to show her there's more to life than work.

Only Maddy is having a hard time forgetting about her business. She's about to pitch for her biggest client ever and the mysterious media mogul, Paul Neilsen, has volunteered to mentor her. Maddy might just be in with a shot of landing the account – if she can keep her mind on the job. Working with Paul is not at all what she'd imagined, and Maddy finds herself torn between her ever increasing workload and her feelings for Paul. She's discovering playing in the big league means making sacrifices ... and Maddy must decide what she can't live without.

Madeleine Spencer is the proud owner of an up-and-coming Sydney-based marketing agency at just 29 years, and she’s about to pitch to one of her biggest accounts. Landing this job would guarantee her spot amongst the big fish of the industry.

To help her land this account, her well-connected father arranged for her to be mentored by Paul Nielsen, owner of a media company called NTRtain Media. Maddy is extremely thankful for Paul’s help and useful advice, but it turns out she isn’t left unaffected by the charms of her 44-year-old mentor. Paul is the first man she has been attracted to in 4 years, since her breakup with an ex-boyfriend who left her given her inability to have children. Since then, Madeleine has been putting her career on top of her priorities list. Good thing then, that Paul is a divorced father of two who has no interest whatsoever in having any more children. Or is it?

What I loved about this book:

  • The unusual setting
  • The interesting storyline
  • The mature topics

What I felt needed improvement:

  • The middle of the book was missing action
  • Some scenes were out of line

The Pitch is actually Part 2 of the City Love series, and I was granted this books without having read Part 1, which apparently revolves around Christa (Maddy’s best friends) and Max (Maddy’s brother). However, The Pitch can definitely be read as a standalone – you will have no issues at all finding your way through all the characters mentioned in the book.

The setting of this book actually came as a breath of fresh air. First of all, it is set down-under in the wonderful city of Sidney! And then, it terms of the whole storyline the reader is discovering two main characters who are facing “adult” issues. Both Maddie and Paul are business owners – which obviously requires a lot of maturity and a certain type of character – and they both have a bitter relationship in their past, that they are still trying to get over.

I specially liked Maddie, since she was extremely down to earth and strong-willed, and I could connect with her attitude and mindset. I also liked Paul’s character, even if it took me some time to warm up to him, since I wasn’t quite sure what his intentions were, and I was afraid that Maddie would fall for the wrong person. But he turned out to be quite the gentleman.

I also liked the fact that the story did not exclusively revolve around Madeleine and Paul, but also around Maddy’s friend, especially Scarlett’s dysfunctional relation with surferboy John – but that story is apparently to be told in Part 3 of the series.

The writing was fine – I liked that the 1st person POV (written from Maddie’s perspective) left so many things to suspense – for instance if Paul’s feelings were reciprocated. However, the story became kind of boring around once Paul and Madeleine finally got together. There was a huge “foreplay” to that, during which but she and Paul were reluctant to give in to their feelings and attraction due to the obvious age-difference and the mentor/mentee situation. I really enjoyed this part! However, once it was over, I was bored out of my mind. It was just the two of them having sex, Maddy exchanging bedroom stories with her friends, moaning about the business, and repeat.

Also, some of the scenes were definitely over the top and kind of out of line for the characters, such as the “business trip” in Fiji and the improvised surprise trip to Hawaii. But hey, it didn’t kill it either.

In the end, there was a rather unexpected twist in the story, which made matters a lot more interesting, but I am disappointed it all happened so late in the story. Yet, it did make up for some suspenseful last chapters and a wonderful ending to the book, were most ties.

So yeah, if you’re not afraid of getting bored toward the middle of the book (because it’s worth it will have been worth it toward the end), and would like to read something just a “little” different, then I recommend you check out this book.

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Overall: four-stars