The Proposal (The Proposition #2) by Katie AshleyThe Proposal by Katie Ashley
Published January 2013
Series: The Proposition #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
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In the weeks following Aidan’s betrayal, Emma has tried her best to move on. Ignoring his countless texts, voice mails, and flowers, she isn’t sure she wants to be won back by him. But Aidan isn’t going down without a fight—especially not until Emma lets him reveal the secret of his past that caused him to be so commitment phobic.

But fate intervenes when premature labor forces Emma on strict bed rest for two weeks. Aidan steps forward with a shocking proposal. To prove his love and commitment for her and their unborn son, he will take a leave of absence from work to care for her around the clock. Vowing to guard her heart, Emma reluctantly agrees.

While she is touched by Aidan’s attentiveness and tender loving care, Emma is thrown for a loop by the amorous attentions of ER doctor, Alpesh “Pesh” Nadeen. Pesh is everything Emma could ever want—successful, stable, and ready to settle down and be a husband and father. Pesh wants nothing more than to win Emma’s heart, but she is not sure she’s able to give it.

Her heart may still belong to the very man who broke it—the one who is so desperately trying to win her back.

After the huge cliffhanger from The Proposition, I totally had to get my hands on the sequel called The Proposal written by US-Author Katie Ashley. The first part was absolutely mind-blowing. A beautiful mix of modern fairy-tale with down to earth romance and two beautiful and strong characters. And the second part, The Proposal, is just as good, if not better.

So, if you’ve read The Proposition, you will know that it ended in a pretty harsh way, leaving the main characters Emma and Aidan in a fight. To sum it up for you quickly, Aidan propositioned himself to grant his sperm to Emma, who desperately wanted a baby, but on the condition of conceiving the baby naturally. Inevitably, both of them fall in love in the process, but while Emma stays true to her feelings, Aidan doesn’t want to admit he loves her because he is afraid of the commitment. So he does the most awful thing at the end of Part 1 and cheats on Emma – and she finds out.

So the first part of The Proposal is pretty much about Aidan trying to apologize to Emma. And his winning her back will be harder than he thought, since she remains stubborn (and obviously has a good reason for it!) and some things also get into Aidan’s way. Well… someone gets in his way in the form of Dr. Alpesh Nadeen, a doctor Emma meets at the hospital, and for whom she develops some sorts of feelings.

This brings a whole new dimension to the story and believe me when I say that I have never been as anxious from the suspense as I have been for this story. I was just feeling crazy because I hated Aidan for what he did, but he became so sweet trying to redeem himself that I started cursing Emma for developing feelings for Dr. Nadeen. Yet – he was sweet too and it was difficult not to succomb to his charm, and actually in the end, he holds a very, very special part in the book. Well, you can guess… I was like “Oh my god” during all the read.

The plot was just perfect and everything unties in the end, along with some proper explanations. And because logic endings are not always featured in every book I read, I must emphasize this… Once all the fevering was over, the whole book then turns into a darn romantic story with a fairy-tale ending. I don’t think I am spoiling this too much since the title of the book is pretty much a spoiler on its own, but the end is really lovely.

Aidan and Emma are probably one of my preferred book couples, and I guess this will be about anyone’s case since Katie Ashley has a wonderful writing, which makes everything so real and down to earth. The emotions she describes feel as true as the characters, and to me that is a very important point. So if you enjoy a fairly down-to-earth, lovely, and  intriguing love-story (with some hot scenes, of course) than get a hold of The Proposition and The Proposal.

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